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#ICYMI: New Podcast Episode Up

15 Jul

Wow, already at episode no. 25 of our fun little podcast!  This week we dissect some of the summer supposed-to-be-blockbuster movies. Plus, Johnny Depp is broke – will there be still more Pirates of the Caribbean movies coming?

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New Podcast – No. 25!

14 Jul

Mel & Steve dissect the movies so far mid-summer…plus, Johnny Depp is broke! Click the picture!



Much-Needed at -5 Degrees

5 Jan

Bonmots & Bullshit, 8/26

26 Aug

When you vow that you won’t get your hopes up about something, you will – just a little bit. That’s called “what if?” It’s natural, no matter how pessimistic you might be.

BLACK SABBATH are supposed to retire at the end of this year and their current tour. So it’s perfect timing for the October publication of a big, illustrated history of their entire career. Every era is covered in-depth – Ozzy, Dio, and the “lost” 80’s. Details are here.

So many times, it’s about the dialectical. Only I never knew it.

After 50 years, the most iconic passenger jet of all will be ending production. Goodbye, 747.

I should be old enough to know better. It’s remembering the better, in the midst of the noise, that’s the hard part

Favorite songs this week include Brice Springsteen’s “Roll of the Dice” and “Last Parade” by the Matthew Good Band. The former is an automatic mood-enhancer; the latter’s lyrics hit home.

Saw Jason Bourne earlier in the week. Mostly and of course, predictable, along with action-packed. This is the fourth installment with Matthew Damon, and there’s nowhere else the movies’ continuing story can go. He knows who he is now, he’s on the run, he knows what happened and what he did, and now knows how it started and that his dad was involved. That’s it. Or it should be.

Does anyone still need any proof that this guy is completely, utterly full of shit?

In April, at the worst, I vowed to make this summer fantastic, whether I was single or not. I’ve succeeded.

I’m a capitalist but there’s no way the outrageous price increase to the life-saving EpiPen can be justified. It’s about greed, pure and simple. That the CEO’s salary increased 671% increase since her company took over EpiPen is also telling. Looks like there will be Congressional hearings, which should be interesting given the CEO is the daughter of a U.S. senator. Being outraged isn’t being or anti-capitalism, it’s about empathy and common sense.

Song Spotlight: Fleetwood Mac – “Hold Me”

12 Jul

BACK IN 1982, the summer of, to be precise, “Hold Me” by Fleetwood Mac was my favorite song. I recall first hearing it on the local rock station, WRCN, and was immediately grabbed by it’s melody, and Christine McVie’s voice leading those wonderful, layered Mac harmonies in the chorus. It’s simply a great pop song, easily identifiable as Fleetwood Mac.

Like so many favorite songs over the last 30+ years, the song’s impact on me was in part due to a woman. That summer I had my first real, regular summer job, at the Jamesport Manor Inn. Off the books and too young to work legally, it was a hard job and the owners were tyrants, but they had a niece who waitressed there that I fast became smitten with. Call it a crush, I guess – I was 14 years old and the sight of a powerfully built, college girl with short hair and a great smile got me all crazy. I don’t even recall her name, but she was always very nice to me and I remember that it was easy to make her laugh. That any woman paid any attention to a husky, greasy kid doing dishes was fuel for a summer crush. And yes, I said powerfully built. She wasn’t overweight at all, just had a…athletic build, really. Looking back, this may further explain why I’ve always had a penchant for women with powerful thighs and thick calves. If I recall, she played a lot of softball, which really impressed me.

In any case, I had a huge crush on “Hold Me.” Besides the great melody, the lyrics made sense to me, too: “I’m just around the corner/If you got a minute to spare/I’ll be waitin’ for ya’/If you ever want to be there” – and in that restaurant, with that waitress, I literally and figuratively was!

“Hold Me” came out in June, and after hearing it on the radio I had to run out and by the singles. It’s release and airplay was perfectly timed as that summer I used to keep a notebook – a top 20 chart every week of my favorite songs.  Believe it or not, “Hold Me” was number one on my personal top songs chart from mid-June until nearly the end of August. I don’t remember who else made my weekly chart that summer, and I wish I still had that notebook, but I do remember lying on my bed, listening to my “Hold Me” 45 and duly writing down the title in the #1 spot every Sunday. What a coincidence that the song’s chart success corresponded with a stocky athletically built waitress’s tenure at that restaurant, and her always smiling at me every time she came thru the kitchen.




It’s The Little Things In Life…

20 Jun

A great start to the week. And paid for with a $3 scratch-off lottery ticket, too!


Summertime, And The Living Is Busy (And Fun)

4 May

If you’re a regular reader you know I’ve got a lot of time to keep busy, and I REALLY need to keep busy. So, like usual, I need a “to-do list”, starting with:

  • Looking for, and moving into, a new house. I don’t know where just yet; I had a targeted area but that was crushed in March. Starting to look as soon as I list the house. It’s going to be exciting, and despite not wanting to do it alone, I’m going to enjoy the experience. Hopefully I’ll be able to afford something I really like.
  • The above is predicated on getting the house ready to sell and that can’t continue into the summer! It should be ready to list in about another week (provided the $400 electrician job happens tomorrow). This should be a separate post of it’s own. It’s an epic tale, and the stress of getting the house ready to sell was a big factor in that epic breakup happening. Between time, cash flow, winter and the city, this was a bit delayed (rumor had it I was “dragging my feet.” Right). Cash flow has been an issue, and since moving back into the house I’ve spent over $11,000 – of which $8,900 is on a credit card that comes due ten months from now
  • Traveling:  I’ve got a huge trip in July with my son to Maine and New Hampshire. Spending time with my favorite people in my favorite places.

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