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New Podcast Episode Up – A Week Late

19 Jun

DUE TO SOME TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES, The Weapon of Self-Distraction Podcast no. 20 is up – albeit a week late.  Hear the new Alice Cooper single, find out which TV shows were recently cancelled, being off of online dating and more…click the image to get their or find it via Player FM, Google Play, etc…


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New Podcast Episode – Mel Returns!

2 Apr

MEL IS BACK for Episode No. 15 – not 14!



Favorite Podcast: “Dumb People Town”

16 Mar

PEOPLE DO REALLY DUMB THINGS, often to hilarious effects. The new podcast Dumb People Town, featuring the Sklar Brothers along with comedian/improviser Daniel Van Kirk explore and celebrate the idiocy and hilarity of dumb people doing dumb things (a high percentage of stories come from Florida, unsurprisingly). “The Criminal Mischief comes fast and furious in Dumb People Town.”

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The Podcast Will Return!

5 Jan

The Weapon of Self-Distraction podcast will have a new episode up very soon. Standby…

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New Podcast Episode Tonight!

4 Dec

A NEW EPISODE of the WSD podcast, “A Story About Scientology” will be available later this evening.

Listen, download, and subscribe at essar1.podbean.com


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New at the Kid Friday Podcast: The Kid Is Enraged on Player FM

21 Nov

Apps, Websites Fun! 209 – The Kid Is Enraged by Kid Friday – apps, websites, gadgets, games, fun!

https://player.fm/1hSBTe #nowplaying

Friday Bon Mots & Bullshit, 11/4

4 Nov

CUBS WIN! And you don’t have to be a fan of the team, hell, or even a baseball fan, to appreciate and enjoy the moment and the magnitude of their first World Series win in 108 years! Plus, watching the games on Fox is always amazing – the camera work, attention to little details and Joe Buck and John Smoltz are great. Though Alex Rodriguez and Pete Rose doing analysis? And lifelong Cubs fan Bill Murray is a national treasure, and a saint.

MY CLOCK RADIO wakes me up to the 89.3 The Current, and in a stupor at 4:30 a.m. yesterday I realized it was really good. And later in the day I found out it’s a brand new song from Tommy Stinson’s band Bash & Pop. And I can’t stop listening to it.

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LET’S TRY THIS AGAIN  A new episode of the WSD podcast is up.

HE MISSED THE FIRST FOUR GAMES but Tom Brady will likely be a favorite to be the NFL MVP. Which is insane – he missed a 1/4 of the season and will probably throw close to 40 touchdowns.

SPEAKING OF FOOTBALL The Dallas Cowboys are 6-1 and playing the Browns this week. 6-1, that’s not a typo; this team is very good. For several reasons I haven’t been into football that much this season. But I’m now warming up!

A GREAT SMASHING PUMPKINS SONG, “That’s The Way My Love Is” from 2009, renders moot the bemoaning from some that the band hasn’t done anything good from the mid-nineties. Powerful and melodic, with touching and bittersweet lyrics.

NO POLITICS HERE except to say that everything about the presidential campaign is tiring…exhausting, really.

AFTER THINKING ABOUT THAT I want to watch cats jumping.


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