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The 100 Best Movies on Netflix (June 2017) via Paste Magazine

15 Jun

I NEED TO REMEMBER to check out Paste Magazine’s monthly listing earlier in the month!

Source: The 100 Best Movies on Netflix (June 2017) :: Movies :: Lists :: Netflix :: Page 1 :: Paste

New Podcast Episode Up!

25 Mar

The Weapon of Self-Distraction Podcast Returns! Episode #13: News, Giveaways, Binges and More


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Netflix in March

24 Feb

Blazing Saddles and Nacho Libre are back on Netflix next month!


New Bill Burr Special on Netflix

1 Feb

THE ACERBIC, AWESOME and very funny comedian Bill Burr has a new Netflix special that just premiered last night, “Walk Your Way Out.” Check out the trailer below. Also worth checking out is this interview with Burr at The Daily Dot.


Burr describes himself as a 25-year overnight success. “I had to do it the way most of my friends had to do it,” he says. “We have to go out on the road for 20 years and just keep killin’ and killin’ and killin’ until hopefully word of mouth will get you there. Then you get a break here, a break there.”

I love that kind of dedication. The hungry and good stand-up comedians are like your developing artists – constantly on the road, building a reputation, word of mouth growing, thanks to great material and killing it on stage.

“Oscars? No Thanks, We’d Rather Watch TV”

1 Feb

A new episode of the Weapon of Self-Distraction podcast is up!

Mel returns for her first episode of 2017 and both her and Steve try and discuss the Oscars and quickly realize they’d rather watch TV. Steve finally binges on Breaking Bad, Mel tells about Sneaky Pete, both go overboard about Justified stars’ new shows, more TV and Juggaloes star in Weird News.

Click the image below…


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Hang with Aziz Ansari on the Set of Master of None – Omaze.com

7 Nov

A great cause and I’m excited there will be a season 2 of Master of None.

If you watched the finale of Master of None season 1, you’re most likely just as full of anticipation as we are to see how it picks up. But why wait for the release date when you can get the scoop in person from the actual set of Master of None season 2? That’s right—Aziz Ansari himself is inviting you and your luckiest friend to come join him on set in NYC. You’ll watch the show film new scenes, hang with Aziz (and possibly ask for dating advice?) and take enough selfies to make your Instagram followers proud… and maybe a little jealous. The only thing we ask is that you promise not to spoil season 2 for us! Flights and hotel included.

Source: Hang with Aziz Ansari on the Set of Master of None – Omaze.com

In My Netflix Que: Luke Cage 

3 Oct

I WAS ALREADY INTERESTED in checking out the new Netflix series “Luke Cage” – after reading about it the last few days, and hearing that the premiere last night caused Netflix to crash for two hours – I really am now.

‘Luke Cage’ Is ‘Kick Ass, Wu-Tang Blackness With A Marvel Twist’ | Huffington Post – a series based on a comic character with strong social message? Yes, please:

The kind of television that Norman Lear was making in the ‘70s, whether it was ‘All in the Family’ or ‘The Jeffersons,’” they were comedies but they dealt with a lot of what was happening around the country with different attitudes and was very powerful with that,” he said. “We don’t lean away from being political. I embrace it, because this is what the show is for and this is what the country needs.”

This feature in Wired is worth reading: “Why Netflix’s Luke Cage is the Superhero We Really Need Now”


Above all else, the series, the writing the characters seem really COOL. Sold.

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