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Terrific Interview with Author of New Rush Book

28 Apr

The cool site Songfacts.com has a great and in-depth interview with Martin Popoff, author of the new book, RUSH: ALBUM BY ALBUM.  Check it out HERE.

Some Sunday Morning Music: Tommy Stinson’s “One Man Mutiny”

23 Apr

BECAUSE YESTERDAY I WAS paging through the excellent biography of The Replacements, Trouble Boys, I was reminded of  Tommy Stinson”s 2011 solo album, One Man Mutiny.  I had taken it out of the car where it had resided for months, and realized I hadn’t listened to it in awhile…and now it will be awhile before it comes put of the car again.

One Man Mutiny, is a damn fine slice of alternative Americana power pop rock. Whatever you want to call it, its an album filled with solid, melodic songs that have stuck with me. Lots of music writers, and Stinson himself, have said that being in The Replacements with Paul Westerberg all those years was an influence on his songwriting. You can hear it – but Stinson is no clone of the legendary Minneapolis band’s primary songwriter and this album stands up on its own because Stinson is damn good songwriter (as well as a damn good bassist and guitar player).

Faves include the rockers “It’s A Drag” which has a meaty, sneering, Rolling Stones vibe, with female backing vocals soaring throughout, and gritty guitars. “Meant To Be” and “All This Way For Nothing” channel the ‘Mats as you might expect, especially the latter song. “Come To Hide” is a lilting ballad with a wistful chorus that you’ll remember after only one listen. “Seize The Moment” is a fine slice of power-pop with a buzzy, distorted guitar figure going thru it and a fun chorus. 

Other highlights include the country-esque sounding “Zero To Stupid.” Slide guitars  with witty lyrics combine and upon first listen one might think its a parody: “I used to love her, I used to miss her, my life goes on; I can’t go from zero to stupid in just one…drink”

“Match Made In Hell” is co-written by Westerberg. While Replacements die-hards may have gravitated to this song with wishful reunion thinking, it might be my least favorite song here.

In 2011 Stinson was the bassist for Guns N’ Roses and the album features some of his then-bandmates on some of the songs, including keyboardist Dizzy Reed, guitarist Richard Fortus and drummer Frank Ferrer. 

A damn good album for a damn fine Sunday morning – or any day, for that matter. You don’t have to be a fan of the Replacements to love this album; if you’re a ‘Mats fan and never got around to checking this album out, for shame! 

“Back to the Egg”: A Perfect Finale for Paul McCartney & Wings – CultureSonar

20 Apr

A LOOK BACK at what’s become my second-favorite Wings album, behind Band on the Run.  

Source: “Back to the Egg”: A Perfect Finale for Paul McCartney & Wings – CultureSona

This final studio album from Paul McCartney and Wings doubles as a response to the rise of the Punk and New Wave scenes in the late 1970s.


On Aimee Mann…

17 Apr

A great piece on Aimee Mann.  Reminded me that I missed some recent albums of hers’ and that I need to get the new one, too.

via Aimee Mann of the year! — Poprock Record

Aimee Mann snuck up on me. I had one record and then another and before I knew it I had them all on some kind of regular rotation. My Columbia House subscription at the time probably bears some responsibility. Why do I like Aimee Mann so much? I don’t know. There’s something comfortable and sutured […]


Song Spotlight: “Body of Years” – Mother Mother

15 Mar

ONE OF THOSE SONGS that I heard once and it stuck in my brain, from that opening drum beat, “Body of Years” by Mother Mother. This Canadian band’s music has several songs that are constantly in my power rotation. “Body of Years” is as good example of why and another example of why I love Sirius/XM’s Iceberg channel, which features rock n’ roll from Canada.

“Give The Drummer Some” – Clyde Stubblefield, RIP, the World’s Funkiest & Most Sampled Drummer

2 Mar

CLYDE STUBBLEFIELD, the drummer in the greatest and funkiest iteration of James Brown’s band, recently passed away. He’s the most sampled – and most exploited – drummer in all of music. You’ve heard his beats – thousands of times, and likely never knew it. A must-read at The Conversation.

EVERYONE has heard his beats:

And not just in rap music:

#funk #rip #drums


5 Questions With Daxx Nielsen, Drummer for Cheap Trick

28 Feb

DAXX NIELSEN IS THE DRUMMER FOR Cheap Trick and was kind enough to answer some questions I had for an interview.  You can hear Daxx on Cheap Trick’s fantastic current album, Bang, Zoom, Crazy, Hello, and live in concert, of course!

1.)  It’s 30 minutes before showtime, what do you do to warm-up and get ready for the show30 minutes prior to the show we have just finished up our meet & greet and it’s time to get in the right head space for the show. I typically take a look through the setlist and see which songs we’ve decided to perform and what kind of pacing/segues I need to keep in mind. Then I grab my warm up sticks, which have about 4 ounces of gaff tape towards the tip for added weight, and I warm up for a few minutes depending on how much I need. About ten minutes prior to the show I change in to my stage clothes and get ready to rock. 

2.)  What’s your favorite Cheap Trick songs to play live and why? “I’d have to say that my favorite Cheap Trick song to play is “On Top of the World.” It starts out with a great drum beat and builds from there. In the middle we break down to a half time “jam” section and then end on a really strong bit. It’s just fun the whole way through. I also love “Big Eyes” or “Elo Kiddies” because they have great floor tom beats.

3.)  What brands of drums and cymbals are you currently playing?  “I am beyond fortunate to endorse Ludwig Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Pro-Mark Drumsticks,  Evans Drumheads, and Humes & Berg Cases.”

4.)  What was your favorite song to play live in your previous gigs – Dick Dale, Harmony Riley and Brandi Carlisle?  My favorite songs to play from previous artists that I’ve worked for definitely vary stylistically because each artist is so different. When I played for Dick Dale I loved playing one his songs called “The Wedge,”  it’s just one of the coolest guitar songs ever. With Harmony Riley I loved playing “Falling Away” which had a really great left handed snare drum pattern. With Brandi Carlisle I love “The Story.””

5.) What’s the last book you read, or are currently reading?  What’s the last music-related book you’ve read?  “The last book I read was one of the best stories I’ve ever read. It was a book called Shantaram. It’s set for the most part in India and you really felt like your were there while reading it. The last music book I read was Bob Dylan Chronicles. What an interesting guy!”

Be sure to check Daxx out on the most recent Cheap Trick album, Bang, Zoom, Crazy Hello



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