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Timely Advice from a Best Friend

13 Jul

IT’S BEEN A STRESSFUL FEW MONTHS. The past has been on my mind a lot, featuring nostalgia, regret and loss, and I worry about the future. That combination keeps me from being present, and, ultimately, happy. It’s been something that I’ve battled since…I was young a kid, really.

A few weeks back one of my best (and smartest) friends gave me some great advice:

“Everyday, the following phrase goes through my mind, ‘my life is full of amazement and I’m grateful.’ Never take life for granted. It’s always changing. That’s why life is so amazing. The past is 20/20 vision in the rear view mirror. It’s behind you. If you don’t look forward, you’ll miss what’s ahead for you.”

“Don’t look at the future nor regret the past. Be in the present. Practice mindfulness. Your life is rich – but do you FEEL it?”

“Stop and appreciate your life, then build on the parts that bring you happiness, satisfaction, self-awareness and joy. These are the gravy days – you’ve worked hard to create this amazing life. Always remember, you bring happiness and joy to others.”

All the self-help advice books, advice, reading, etc.; all the time and energy spent (and wasted) stressed about the past and future…moving forward really just comes down to a couple of short paragraphs.



On Meditation (yes, meditation)

14 Apr

Several months ago I read somewhere that Jerry Seinfeld is a practioner of Transcendental Meditation (TM). Since 1972! He credits the practice with keeping him calm, focused and energetic, saying it’s “like sliding into a warm bath.” Who wouldn’t like that? In various interviews he has said how important TM has been in his life, what a huge difference it’s made in his career and in his life.

Check out this TED Talk, “All It Takes Is Ten Mindful Minutes”

I once had someone tell me if there was anyone who SHOULD be meditating, I should be. My brain is always on, dozens of thoughts at a time and sometimes it’s tough to shut it off, especially during stressful times. It’s akin to, or maybe it is, a bit ADHD-like, it certainly is a distraction and it’s often been the cause of mistakes and more stress. Especially in inter-personal relationships. Its always been tough for me to slow down and just…be. However, I’ve found that meditation is a smart and effective addition to what else I’m doing to slow things down and turn off my thoughts.

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