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Woman Helps Rescue Special Needs Baby Goats | Global Animal

22 May

I CAN’T GET ENOUGH of Goats of Anarchy, and what the founder, Leanne Lauricella, is doing with her rescue farm and work. Plus, the goats! As the kids would say, “totes adorbs.”  Great video via the link: Woman Helps Rescue Special Needs Baby Goats | Global Animal

Great book, too, that tells the whole story – click the book cover:

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These Baby Goats Will Instantly Brighten Your Day > Reader’s Digest

10 May

Leanne Lauricella’s Goats of Anarchy are taking over Instagram with their adorable poses and outfits, and it’s all for a good cause. How can you look at these photos and not say, “AWWWWW…” #goatsofanarchy

Source: These Baby Goat Will Instantly Brighten Your Day | Reader’s Digest


Goats of Anarchy

2 Feb

HAVE YOU SEEN OR HEARD of GOATS OF ANARCHY? Leanne Lauricella and her amazing and downright adorable rescue goats is a heart-warming and fast-growing story – nearly 400,000 people follow her at Instagram (@GoatsOfAnarchy) and her first book, GOATS OF ANARCHY: ONE WOMAN’S QUEST TO SAVE THE WORLD ONE GOAT AT A TIME comes out March 15.

Learn more (and see the most adorable goat photos) at People.com:

In 2014, Leanne Lauricella followed her dreams.

Look for more on Leanne and Goats of Anarchy coming soon to this blog…

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10 Apr


It was inevitable, really.

Goat Plays With Yoga Ball, Awesome Animal Antics Ensue

23 Aug

Goat Plays With Yoga Ball, Awesome Animal Antics Ensue.


Goats @ O’Hare Airport!

9 May

Goats @ O’Hare Airport!

Gotta love their job:  “sustainable vegetation management services.”  A must for www.theblaaag.com!  

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