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The NEW Cheap Trick Album Is Out Today!

16 Jun

I HAVE TO GIVE MY “ALL-TIME FAVORITE BAND OF ALL-TIME” CREDIT for releasing two really strong, fun albums of new music in just over a year’s time.

Out today, the new album We’re All Alright is getting strong reviews and I’ve loved what I’ve heard so far – it sounds more energetic, harder rocking and adventurous than last year’s Bang Zoom Crazy Hello and that album is a hell of a lot of fun and rocks! I just downloaded We’re All Alright via Pledge Music this morning – and am getting the CD, too, of course – and am loving what I’ve heard so far!  If only I could really crank it here in the office!cheap_trick_we27re_all_alright21#cheaptrick #nowplaying #wereallalright

Song Spotlight: “Sing My Blues Away” – Cheap Trick

24 Sep

From the latest Cheap Trick album, Bang Zoom Crazy Hello,  “Sing My Blues Away.” A near-perfecult slice of power pop from the band that practically defined the genre.

I call songs like this “effortless” because, if you like this kind of music, or have an affinity for pop and melody in general, you should dig this song on the very first listen. Plus, I imagine writing this song was effortless for Cheap Trick as well.

It’s immediately familiar: the guitar after the 4th verse, that building pre-chorus (which has a bigger hook than the actual, short chorus itself), the Beatle-esque backing vocals singing “come on” in that pre-chorus…it all grabs you on the first listen.

Plus, like so many CT songs, it’s an instant mood-enhancer. This song helped me get through a difficult Spring, helping me to “sing my blues away” – usually in my car, and loudly, I should add. I still turn to it when I get a bit o’ the blues.




Friday, Finally

15 Apr

Ever have one of those weeks?

A week that just drained you? That was this week. Ultimately, you can just do all you can, you know what you can do, you know what you will do…and, what else can you do? I never quit, but sometimes you’ve got to pause, reflect, and simply recharge.

So, thank goodness for a vacation day, and, “aided by the supreme healing force of music,” to paraphrase the late Sir George Martin, recharge is just what I’m going to do.  Naturally, one band has just what I need, and two of their songs absofuckingpositivelylutely have it, in every way.


Let’s go.

My Life According To Me

Always remember the victims and justice, as that is what is important.

Poprock Record

Songs with a hook


Embrace Your Journey

On the Corner

Ken Shane's personal blog



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