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New Podcast Episode Up – A Week Late

19 Jun

DUE TO SOME TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES, The Weapon of Self-Distraction Podcast no. 20 is up – albeit a week late.  Hear the new Alice Cooper single, find out which TV shows were recently cancelled, being off of online dating and more…click the image to get their or find it via Player FM, Google Play, etc…


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NEW ALICE COOPER Single “Paranoiac Personality” Out Now! 

9 Jun

LIKE SO MANY OF MY FAVORITE ROCK ARTISTS AND BANDS, I’m excited when there’s NEW music afoot. Here’s the new single from the legendary Alice Cooper, “Paranoic Personality” from his forthcoming album Paranormal. I’m particularly excited about the new album as it’s produced by super-producer Bob Ezrin, who was behind the boards (and co-wrote many songs) behind Cooper’s classic albums Welcome to My Nightmare, Love It To Death, Billion Dollar Babies among others.

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Spotify & the Paradox of Infinite Choices

9 Jul

That title is really just a high-falutin’ way to say that nearly every day I open up Spotify and think, “what do I want to listen to?”   This actually happens several times a day.  And then my flights of musical fancy take off and I find myself listening to…the Ozark Mountain Daredevils?  Yes, right now, as I type this, actually.  And I have discovered they do have some cool songs besides “Jackie Blue.”  Though nothing anywhere near as great as that awesome track.

But I digress. 

The beauty of Spotify is, AC/DC and a few other luddites being the exceptions, is that it really forces me to actually seek & discover.  For me, this is akin to browsing record stores.  You never know what you’ll find.  I try and force myself to adhere to a couple of rules:  1.) I don’t listen to anything I already own and 2.) listen to other tracks besides the hits.  Friday was Willie Nelson, today its the aforementioned Ozark Mountain Daredevils and a bit ago, Alice Cooper.

And I know folks will decry Spotify, and the streaming model, artists getting paid, etc.  The truth is, Spotify does influence my buying – I still by albums, CDs and mp3’s, many based on what I am exposed to via Spotify (though, Spotify doesn’t turn me onto brand new artists and their songs as much as 89.3 The Current).

Time to listen to “Jackie Blue”…

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