Paste Magazine Reviews Cheap Trick’s New Album “We’re All Alright”

16 Jun

ANOTHER COOL REVIEW, AND THIS QUOTE IS PERFECT: “Quick, think of any other American rock band formed in ’70s who is still putting out albums in the modern era that not only don’t embarrass the band but repeatedly revitalize their career. The list starts and stops with one name: Cheap Trick. They’re not going anywhere, so you might as well start listening.”

Source: Cheap Trick: We’re All Alright! Review :: Music :: Reviews :: Cheap Trick :: Paste


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The NEW Cheap Trick Album Is Out Today!

16 Jun

I HAVE TO GIVE MY “ALL-TIME FAVORITE BAND OF ALL-TIME” CREDIT for releasing two really strong, fun albums of new music in just over a year’s time.

Out today, the new album We’re All Alright is getting strong reviews and I’ve loved what I’ve heard so far – it sounds more energetic, harder rocking and adventurous than last year’s Bang Zoom Crazy Hello and that album is a hell of a lot of fun and rocks! I just downloaded We’re All Alright via Pledge Music this morning – and am getting the CD, too, of course – and am loving what I’ve heard so far!  If only I could really crank it here in the office!cheap_trick_we27re_all_alright21#cheaptrick #nowplaying #wereallalright

The 100 Best Movies on Netflix (June 2017) via Paste Magazine

15 Jun

I NEED TO REMEMBER to check out Paste Magazine’s monthly listing earlier in the month!

Source: The 100 Best Movies on Netflix (June 2017) :: Movies :: Lists :: Netflix :: Page 1 :: Paste

KFC Launches Chicken Sandwich Into Space Next Week | HuffPost

14 Jun

One lingering question: Who would eat a chicken sandwich that’s spent four days in space?

Source: KFC Launches Chicken Sandwich Into Space Next Week | HuffPost

Via Flavorwire – 5 Best Movies to Stream or Buy This Week

13 Jun

REMINDER: See John Wick 2

This week gives us two big new disc releases that are actually great pop movies — plot twist, that’s a thing that can happen sometimes! Also, an early ‘90s art-house fave (newly visible again, thanks to its pronounced influence on Beyoncé’s Lemonade) lands on Netflix, more Peckinpah makes its way to DVD, and a ‘70s…

via The 5 Best Movies to Buy or Stream This Week: ‘John Wick Chapter 2,’ ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ — Flavorwire

Burlington, VT Photos

13 Jun

EVERY NOW AND AGAIN I surprise myself when I take photos with my phone. A few from Burlington, VT, a city that I love, taken with the phone’s battery at 3%…

#ICYMI: “Tom Cruise Goes Full ‘Narcos’ in ‘American Made’”

10 Jun

THIS IS GOING TO BE GREAT: “Tom Cruise Goes Full ‘Narcos’ in ‘American Made’” @ChrisRyan77

It’s easy to bag on Cruuse because of his personal life but he IS a great actor. Recently I watched both “Risky Business” and “Rainman” – both movies and Cruise’s performances still hold up. The above article has an interesting theory as to why Cruise has done mostly action movies of late (and I dig them all) and “American Made” looks like the kind of movie and role that made Cruise a star. 

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