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Jimmy Kimmel Bumps Matt Damon In Spoof United Ad | The Huffington Post

20 Apr

Their “feud” returns.  I always loved these bits through the years…

“Some people deserved to be bumped.”

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Bumps Matt Damon In Spoof United Ad | The Huffington Post

Someone Threw The ‘Veep’ Music Over That Awkward Trump Non-Signing, And It’s Fantastic | The Huffington Post

4 Apr

Life imitates art? Even the people behind the HBO comedy show loved it.

Source: Someone Threw The ‘Veep’ Music Over That Awkward Trump Non-Signing, And It’s Fantastic | The Huffington Post

Netflix in March

24 Feb

Blazing Saddles and Nacho Libre are back on Netflix next month!

Watch “Crashing: Official Trailer (HBO)” on YouTube

20 Feb

MY NEW FAVORITE SERIES even though I’ve only seen one episode, the debut, last night. No surprise I’m already overboard without a life raft about it as the show is about two of my favorite things: relationship struggles and stand-up comedy.

Holmes brings an akward and painful humility to his character while remaining, at the core, funny. The struggles are real – and humorous. 

Andre the Giant Documentary Produced by HBO, WWE – Rolling Stone

15 Feb

THIS IS GOING TO BE VERY COOL: “HBO and WWE will team up to produce a biopic based on the life of Andre the Giant.”

Source: Andre the Giant Documentary Produced by HBO, WWE – Rolling Stone

Back in the day, as the kids sometimes say, I was a big pro wrestling fan – mid to late 70’s and this will be blogged about at some point – and I will not miss this documentary of the biggest wrestling star of them all. Having said that, I’d sooner want to que up a documentary on this ground-breaking pro wrestler.


New Bill Burr Special on Netflix

1 Feb

THE ACERBIC, AWESOME and very funny comedian Bill Burr has a new Netflix special that just premiered last night, “Walk Your Way Out.” Check out the trailer below. Also worth checking out is this interview with Burr at The Daily Dot.


Burr describes himself as a 25-year overnight success. “I had to do it the way most of my friends had to do it,” he says. “We have to go out on the road for 20 years and just keep killin’ and killin’ and killin’ until hopefully word of mouth will get you there. Then you get a break here, a break there.”

I love that kind of dedication. The hungry and good stand-up comedians are like your developing artists – constantly on the road, building a reputation, word of mouth growing, thanks to great material and killing it on stage.

“Oscars? No Thanks, We’d Rather Watch TV”

1 Feb

A new episode of the Weapon of Self-Distraction podcast is up!

Mel returns for her first episode of 2017 and both her and Steve try and discuss the Oscars and quickly realize they’d rather watch TV. Steve finally binges on Breaking Bad, Mel tells about Sneaky Pete, both go overboard about Justified stars’ new shows, more TV and Juggaloes star in Weird News.

Click the image below…


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