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Top 5 for Friday

1 Feb

Top 5 Friday

  1. Alex is coming over tonight and its pizza and games.  And probably some TV…
  2. The Oddfathers – meeting tomorrow to discuss the next steps.  Looking forward to looking forward here!
  3. Going to watch some big football game this Sunday
  4. Justifiedgoing to finish the second DVD of Season 1 this weekend.  I’m really digging this show.
  5. (Slightly) warmer weather is on the way.

The Thursday Top 5

9 Aug

Its back!  The Thursday Top 5 returns after a bit of a hiatus that I’ll blame on my ADHD!  So here we go, 5 things that are floating my boat right now…

  1. Publicity for a new book!  Got a great look at the Huffington Post Travel section today – a feature review and photo essay on the cool new book Ghost Towns of California
  2. This video made me laugh so hard I damn near hyper ventilated.  If you don’t think this is funny we can’t be friends
  3. Its very nearly the end of a long week
  4. LOUIE is on tonight
  5. The new version of Hot Mail, Outlook is very functional, very cool, and a great improvement over the already-good Hot Mail.

Top 5 Thursday

5 Jul

Its Thursday.  Time for the Top 5 things that are floating my boat at the moment:

1.) The Girl On Guy podcast with Aisha Tyler:

2.) The weather. I don’t mind the stifling heat, really. Though I will when my next electric bill hits

3.) Having a day off in the middle of the week. Happy belated-Birthday, America!

4.) A bunch of new music

5.) Watching my kid’s dog, Ella. She’s half-Rotweiler/half black Labrador and very smart and well-behaved. I like having a dog in limited doses.

Top 5 Thursday

21 Jun

Every Thursday: 5 Random Items Floating My Boat (Insert some other hackneyed phrase here)

  1. The Weather:  holy crap, after several days of humidity, thunder storms, tornado warnings and the like, today’s weather (so far, at least this morning, is amazing)
  2. Just finding out some stuff on eBay I had listed sold! 
  3. Tonight’s Fender Guitar art thing at MIA: I’m not even sure  if I can explain what this is, but it sounds cool and a fave local band, Little Man, is playing
  4. Hearing the Foo Fighters version of “Baker Street” every morning – the first thing the guy in the cubicle next to me plays on Spotify
  5. Its Thursday.
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