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Chris Rock: Tour Dates In 2017, First Time In Ten Years.

6 Dec

CHRIS ROCK HITS THE ROAD in 2017 for the first time in ten years. The “Total Blackout” tour kicks off in February. Said Rock, in the video announcing the tour:

“First time in nine years, OK? Haven’t done it in a while. Been a little busy, you know, writing ‘Pootie Tang 3’ and everything. But hey, it’s time,”

Post-Trip Melancholy…

29 Nov

…in progress.

It never fails – you come back from a big trip that you looked forward to for so long – and when it’s quickly over, and you’re back to the grind it’s just…blah. A funk, or whatever you call it. It always happens – as a kid and as an adult.

When you come back from the place you love to be the most, spending time with the people you love the most, it’s hard to downshift back to reality. You unpack, think of the week ahead and your burgeoning to-do list and the stresses that those items likely entails; to say nothing of the shit that was bothering you that you put aside while away. Just…blah

BUT, there’s always something else to look forward to, just around the corner…always. And in the short term, if its not a great song that’s a great mood enhancer, it’s great stand-up comedy:

Comedian Kyle Kinane: Pancakes on a Plane and “we go up, they get down”

17 Oct

BIG FAUX PAS: How did I neglect to mention Kyle’s new Comedy Central special Loose in Chicago? Somehow I did! It just premiered on Friday and it’s damn funny, of course. Here’s a review from The A.V. Club and check out for more info.


KYLE KINANE is hysterical and he’s one of my favorite comedians. He’s got a great delivery, is really smart, and his often self-deprecating routines are downright bizarre stories. Two of those are two of the funniest routines and stories I’ve ever heard, and they both involve flying.

First, his epic and laugh-out-loud funny story about a guy eating pancakes on a plane

Next, the bit below also entails some strange antics on a flight, about the couple sitting next to him who were getting it on, in-flight.

GREAT QUOTE: “I’m not here to be a goalie…I’m not here to stop somebody from accomplishing their goals. If you’re not hurting anybody I’m here to either assist or get out of the way.” We should all live that mantra.


Cool side note: on the track listing for the Whiskey Icarus album every track’s title is from the KISS album Destroyer.  Every track’s title from his Death of the Party album use the names of every song from Cheap Trick’s Dream Police album. Smart and COOL!

Kyle Kinane on Sklarbro County

4 Oct

ONE OF MY FAVORITE COMEDIANS is on one of my favoeite podcasts? Yes, please!

Kyle Kinane brings the funny and weird observations to Randy & Jason Sklar’s podcasr, Sklarbro County. I say it’s the little things on life make me happy and seeing this listing in Player FM app got me psyched this morning! 

Great riffs on cool citiies, music, growing up, Kinane’s Sonic Burgers adventures…

Discussing 90’s music – Silverchair, Candlebox and Kenny Wayne Shepherd led to Kinane’s great line, “I wish I could remaster my youth.”  I can relate.

Tom Papa on Joe Rogan’s Podcast

1 Sep

I LOVE Joe Rogan’s podcast as well as his stand-up comedy. He’s smart as hell, opinionated and downright funny. Saw him live once and he’s a presence on stage. The guy brings it, every night.

I love Tom Papa’s standup. Observational stuff on life, kids, marriage,etc. The kind of humor that sneaks up on you.

Two funny guys talking about tons o’ things, in addition to comedy. I love it. Check it out HERE.

Joe Rogan’s website

Tom Papa’s website

New George Carlin Album Includes Controversial Material Recorded The Day Before 9/11

16 Aug

This looks fascinating. Carlin has always been a long-time hero and favorite of mine.

From Rolling Stone:

“A never-before-released George Carlin bit, recorded the day before 9/11, found the observational comic casually joking about mass fatalities. The comedian decided to shelve the controversial material after the tragedy and held onto it until his death in 2008. Now a new Carlin LP, I Kinda Like It When a Lotta People Die, will feature the dark routine for the first time when it comes out digitally and on CD and LP on September 16th.”


If I had a dollar for every time I mutter “Carlin would have a field day with this craziness…” during an election, I’d be a rich man…

Like a Mob Hit

2 Jul

From a bit:

“Losing my virginity was like a mob hit: a long, intimidating car ride to a cheap motel, followed by a lot of screaming and me crying in the bath room.”


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Always remember the victims and justice, as that is what is important.

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