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Oakland Is Right to Keep Refusing to Bend to the Will of the NFL

8 Mar

“But by placing its taxpayers’ needs ahead of the NFL’s stadium-building desires, the city is likely to lose its beloved Raiders”

Source: Oakland Is Right to Keep Refusing to Bend to the Will of the NFL

It’s a shame it comes to this as Raiders fans could be the most loyal of any NFL team. However, there’s not a single stadium deal out there that’s close to fair and equitable to taxpayers, that makes financial sense to anyone other than the billionaire owners who covet their fans’ bank accounts – yet expecting everyone to pad the teams’ bottom lines by subsidies and sweet deals, loans, etc.

The Most Important Coin Flips Of All Time

12 Feb

I LOVE THIS, from Bill Simmons’ blog The Ringer, the Top 10 Coin Flips of All Time. No, they’re not all from the world of sports. And no, #1 is not the overtime coin flip in Super Bowl 51…


27 Years Ago Today: Buster Douglas Stuns The World, K.O.’s Mike Tyson

11 Feb

I WATCH THIS FIGHT EVERY YEAR and ever year, it’s just as great: Buster Douglas vs. Mike Tyson, February 11, 1990 in Tokyo Japan. Buster stunned the world and k.o.’s the “meanest man on the planet”, the previously undefeated Mike Tyson.


In truth, from a pure boxing analysis perspective, there were a few people who predicted that Buster was the type of fighter that could beat Tyson. Someone taller, as strong, with a long reach, who could keep a left jab permanently on Mike’s head the entire fight, and most importantly, someone with heart, who was not afraid.  image

Nothing in Buster’s past suggested he was that man but 27 years ago, he was and shocked the world!  You have to understand just how invincible everyone thought Tyson was. He destroyed every fighter he faced, often in the first few rounds (in the case of Michael Spinks, in :91 seconds). Even with a bevy of life problems surfacing every other day, and surrounded by the wrong people, Tyson was not going to lost to Buster, a guy who quit a previous fight, sometimes came in out of shape, and was generally regarded as a fighter who would never reach the big time heights of becoming world champion.  Oddsmakers put Buster as a 42-1 underdog; most American media outlets didn’t send reporters to Japan to cover the fight.

Yet, Douglas did win, convincingly. He kept that jab in Tyson’s face all night long, knocking Tyson out in the 10th round. The image of Tyson flailing on the canvas, trying to get up and put his mouthpiece back in has become iconic.   image1

27 years ago today, February 11, 1990. For the best book on this fight, the drama Tyson had leading up to it, and how the fight changed both men, check out THE LAST GREAT FIGHT: The Extraordinary Tale of Two Men and How One Fight Changed Their Lives Forever by Joe Layden





Zero Interest in the BCS

10 Jan

I JUST DON’T CARE about college football, or the Bowl Championship Series. In fact, I haven’t in decades. As a kid, I tried to be passionate about college football and some schools – USC, Ohio State, to name two that come to mind – but I always preferred the NFL.

I don’t care about the Rose Bowl, the Chick-Fil-A-Bowl, the Smoke If You Got ‘Em Bowl, the Bowl Bowl, the Dollar General Bowl, the Bowl-O-Rama Bowl, or the Network TV Bowl. There’s over 50 bowl games, if I recall, and

I couldn’t care less for Nick Saban, whoever he’s coaching against in whatever Bowl game. I don’t care about Alabama vs. Clemson, or about any storylines around the game, I can’t even recall the name of the Bowl game. I know it was played last night and as of this moment, I don’t know who won. And wasn’t the final college bowl game traditionally played on New Year’s Day?

I do care about the NCAA, and that student athletes should be compensated somehow, considering the hundreds of millions the schools make thanks to their efforts. I do care that such a disproportionate share of dollars go to football programs, while tuitions rise like crazy, and more students than ever before are saddled with shit tons of debt.

I have to note though, that I’m not anti-sports, or anti-sports. I’m pro-pro sports, as a matter of fact, and believe professional athletes should make as much money as the possibly can. I love pro basketball and pro football; I’m an NFL history buff, especially. For the fact for the first time in a very long time I’m really excited about the Dallas Cowboys and am trying not to have too many Super Bowl dreams.

I didn’t go to a big college, our football team was Division II, if I recall. I totally understand and love the passion college football fans have – seeing a big-time college football game does look like a hell of a lot of fun. Overall though, as far as an enjoyable distraction for my limited and over-taxed attention span… football…if I want to see football games and teams that make tons of money, I’ll stick with the NFL.

More on Muhammad Ali: Tony Korneheiser

7 Jun

When news of Muhammad Ali’s death broke I quickly thought that Monday’s Tony Kornheiser Podcast would be insightful and funny. Indeed, it sure was, with great takes and interviews with journalist who actually covered Ali discussing his huge impact on society and sports. Guests include David Kindred and Jeremy Schaap.

Hour 1:
Hour 2:

And today, Tuesday, will be particularly fascinating as David Remnick will be a guest. Remnick writes for the New Yorker magazine and is the author of perhaps the best biography of Ali, King of the World



Some of the Best Features on Muhammad Ali

6 Jun

With Muhammad Ali’s death there’s been a slew of interesting press on his life and boxing career. Here’s a few recent, interesting articles: “One moment that shows how absurdly skilled Ali was” “”When We Were Kings” Captures Muhammad Ali In His Prime”

Sports Illustrated ( archives has the definitive account of the epic Thrilla In Manila” – Ali vs. Joe Frazier

Daily Beast: The Secret History of Muhammad Ali and Ali: The Man Who Made Violence an Art

Huffington Post: 5 Stories You Didn’t Know About Muhammad Ali


On Muhammad Ali

5 Jun

In a year of big losses, both public and personal, Muhammad Ali’s death really hits home and really saddens me. Ali was always bigger than life to me, and I’ve long had a fascination in his life and his boxing career.

Muhammad Ali was the first athlete I ever really idolized when I was a kid and in the 70’s he seemed to be everywhere. I remember being enraptured by his appearances on ABC’S Wide World of Sports, especially those famous interviews with the late Howard Cosell. In fifth and sixth grade I really got into books about sports and biographies of athletes and devoured every book I could find on Ali. Reading those books, learning about his amazing boxing skills, each fight was new to me. So I was sad when I read about his epic 1971 loss to Joe Frazier in the “Fight of the Century,” ecstatic about his 1974 knockout of George Foreman in the “Rumble in the Jungle.” In 1978 I read every Sports Illustrated article about his winning the title for a third time over Leon Spinks and watched the re-broadcast of that fight on ABC.

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