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Phil Hartman: Legendary SNL Comic Actor Also An Accomplished Graphic Artist

17 Apr

DID YOU KNOW? The late, great Phil Hartman (SNL, News Radio) was also an artist, and created the covers to several classic rock albums?

Prior to becoming reknown for hilarity (and voice-over work, too; he was the voice of several characters on The Simpsons including Troy McClure) Hartman had his own graphic arts business, creating over 40 album covers for bands like Poco, America and the  Poco and America, as well as advertising and the logo for Crosby, Stills & Nash

Can’t help but wonder all the great things Hartman would still be doing had he not died so suddenly, so tragically? What an amazing talent, and most who remember him don’t know he was such an accomplished graphic artist.

Someone Threw The ‘Veep’ Music Over That Awkward Trump Non-Signing, And It’s Fantastic | The Huffington Post

4 Apr

Life imitates art? Even the people behind the HBO comedy show loved it.

Source: Someone Threw The ‘Veep’ Music Over That Awkward Trump Non-Signing, And It’s Fantastic | The Huffington Post

“Oscars? No Thanks, We’d Rather Watch TV”

1 Feb

A new episode of the Weapon of Self-Distraction podcast is up!

Mel returns for her first episode of 2017 and both her and Steve try and discuss the Oscars and quickly realize they’d rather watch TV. Steve finally binges on Breaking Bad, Mel tells about Sneaky Pete, both go overboard about Justified stars’ new shows, more TV and Juggaloes star in Weird News.

Click the image below…


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New Podcast Episode Up

10 Nov

Toblerone, a giveaway for the new book New Barbarians: Outlaws, Gunslingers & Guitars, the mannequin craze and the coolest job I ever had.


Billy Crystal’s Touching and Hilarious Tribute to Muhammad Ali

13 Jun

Billy Crystal delivered a touching and very funny eulogy at Muhammad Ali’s funeral. They became close friends in 1974 and remained incredibly close until Ali’s death. Crystal does a great AlI impersonation and he recounts here how they met and the impact Ali had on Crystal.


Some of the Best Features on Muhammad Ali

6 Jun

With Muhammad Ali’s death there’s been a slew of interesting press on his life and boxing career. Here’s a few recent, interesting articles: “One moment that shows how absurdly skilled Ali was” “”When We Were Kings” Captures Muhammad Ali In His Prime”

Sports Illustrated ( archives has the definitive account of the epic Thrilla In Manila” – Ali vs. Joe Frazier

Daily Beast: The Secret History of Muhammad Ali and Ali: The Man Who Made Violence an Art

Huffington Post: 5 Stories You Didn’t Know About Muhammad Ali

image Prince on music, life, and ego, in 11 quotes

24 Apr

#7 and #9 are particularly insightful… Prince on music, life, and ego, in 11 quotes.

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