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Song Spotlight: The Biters Cover Thin Lizzy

20 Jun

IN WHICH I’M REMINDED that I’m long overdue to get into The Biters, and I never tire of hearing any version of my favorite Thin Lizzy song.

More on the New Cheap Trick Record – Business Insider

19 Jun

“If Cheap Trick had never existed as a group and pioneered this genre-defying pastiche style for forty years, you’d listen to “We’re All Alright!” and think that you were hearing the greatest cover band in human history trying out its own material.”

Source: This is why you should listen to the new Cheap Trick record – Business Insider

A Song For Father’s Day: “Dad Can’t Help You Now” by Colin Gawel

18 Jun

A WONDERFUL, BITTERSWEET, YET UPBEAT, TOO: “Dad Can’t Help You Now” by Colin Gawel. Love the video, too. Check it out and share it!

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Paste Magazine Reviews Cheap Trick’s New Album “We’re All Alright”

16 Jun

ANOTHER COOL REVIEW, AND THIS QUOTE IS PERFECT: “Quick, think of any other American rock band formed in ’70s who is still putting out albums in the modern era that not only don’t embarrass the band but repeatedly revitalize their career. The list starts and stops with one name: Cheap Trick. They’re not going anywhere, so you might as well start listening.”

Source: Cheap Trick: We’re All Alright! Review :: Music :: Reviews :: Cheap Trick :: Paste


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The NEW Cheap Trick Album Is Out Today!

16 Jun

I HAVE TO GIVE MY “ALL-TIME FAVORITE BAND OF ALL-TIME” CREDIT for releasing two really strong, fun albums of new music in just over a year’s time.

Out today, the new album We’re All Alright is getting strong reviews and I’ve loved what I’ve heard so far – it sounds more energetic, harder rocking and adventurous than last year’s Bang Zoom Crazy Hello and that album is a hell of a lot of fun and rocks! I just downloaded We’re All Alright via Pledge Music this morning – and am getting the CD, too, of course – and am loving what I’ve heard so far!  If only I could really crank it here in the office!cheap_trick_we27re_all_alright21#cheaptrick #nowplaying #wereallalright

NEW ALICE COOPER Single “Paranoiac Personality” Out Now! 

9 Jun

LIKE SO MANY OF MY FAVORITE ROCK ARTISTS AND BANDS, I’m excited when there’s NEW music afoot. Here’s the new single from the legendary Alice Cooper, “Paranoic Personality” from his forthcoming album Paranormal. I’m particularly excited about the new album as it’s produced by super-producer Bob Ezrin, who was behind the boards (and co-wrote many songs) behind Cooper’s classic albums Welcome to My Nightmare, Love It To Death, Billion Dollar Babies among others.

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Turn Around, Bright Eyes

8 Jun

BONNIE TYLER is 66 years-old today. While the title of this post references her huge hit “Total Eclipse of the Heart” (always liked that line, the song I don’t need to hear again), here’s my favorite Tyler song:


Happy Birthday, Bonnie Tyler!

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