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First ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ Trailer Blows Everything to Pieces | | Observer

26 Apr

OPENING SEPTEMBER 22: “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” – Taron Egerton returns as newly-minted spy Gary “Eggsy” Irwin, along with a plethora of new co-stars including Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, Julianne Moore and Elton John. Yes, Elton John.

Source: First ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ Trailer Blows Everything to Pieces | | Observer

‘My Cousin Vinny’ Turns 25: How Marisa Tomei’s Character Was Almost Cut From the Movie

13 Mar

Had no idea: the best part of the movie was almost cut.

Source: ‘My Cousin Vinny’ Turns 25: How Marisa Tomei’s Character Was Almost Cut From the Movie


“KONG: Skull Island” Opens Today – A Must-See for Me (Really)

10 Mar

THIS WEEK’S NEW Samuel L. Jackson movie. I kid, of course, though Jackson is in a lot of movies!  Actually, don’t dismiss this – it looks very cool, not just because of Jackson but because of John C. Reilly who I love and supposedly steals the movie here.  John Goodman and Brie Larson also star. I will be seeing this…

Netflix in March

24 Feb

Blazing Saddles and Nacho Libre are back on Netflix next month!

Oscar Noms

24 Jan

I’m psyched that Casey Affleck is nominated for his role in my favorite movie of 2016, Manchester By The Sea.

All the details are here
#Oscars #academyawards #Caseyaffleck

“30 Movies That Are Going To Blow Everyone Away In 2017” – via Looper

3 Jan

Not too early to get psyched…

#movies #2017

A Story About Scientology…And A Movie

5 Dec

ACTRESS LEAH REMINI has been making the publicity rounds lately, talking about her new A&E show about Scientology. Its reminded me of my own brush with the religious cult when I was a kid.

I don’t talk about it much but around 1973-75 I went to some sort of Scientology-run daycare/after school thing in Davis, CA. It was around that time my Mom, newly separated and just starting to fall down the abyss of severe manic depression, was looking for something, anything, to stop the fall. For a moment Scientology was it.

When my grandmother essentially rescued us and brought us to Long Island I remember her and my mom arguing a lot about Scientology – that it’s a sham, the lingo (“don’t give me that ‘clear’ garbage!”), the money that was spent, etc. I remember hearing talk about L. Ron Hubbard, “being clear,” Dianetics, and audits.

The memories are hazy, and I don’t recall anything really terrible happening, though I think it did ultimately influence my continued skepticism of all religions, dogmas and evangelical arm-twisting. Looking back on all of that whenever Scientology is in the news only serves as a reminder of how sick my mom was and how difficult we had it. Needless to say, Scientology didn’t help her.

I’m also reminded that there was another Scientology-related incident in my past…

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