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Penguin Watch – A Great Way to De-Stress the Day!

25 Apr

Are you stressed out?  Having a tough day?  Here’s a great way to unwind a bit: Penguin Watch

World Book Day

23 Apr

TODAY IS WORLD BOOK DAY, a global celebration of reading, authors, and books, recognized in over 100 countries worldwide.





Today is National Hanging Out Day

19 Apr


Staying In Shape – Physically AND Mentally

18 Apr

I TURN 50-YEARS OLD IN SEPTEMBER and next to the anxiety of spending that day alone, I’ve always been anxious about not staying in shape. So I work out like crazy, and its not braggadocio: I am in the best shape of my life and for the last year I have not had a single bad workout. Kicked off last year by the demise of a long relationship, the ensuing depression killed my appetite for several weeks, which jump-started my metabolism, and the anger and sadness over getting destroyed fueled my motivation in the gym. Couple that with having more spare time, realizing then that working out is the only guaranteed thing that will change my mood, every time – endorphin and serotonin are very powerful – and I really do enjoy it, I’ve never felt better. Plus, I’ve changed my diet, cut out really cut down my sugar intake (sugar is EVERYWHERE!) and the sum total is I dropped over 20 lbs., have kept it off, look better, and feel great.

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“Farewell, Mr. Warmth” 

13 Apr

NO SURPRISE: The best tribute and retrospective on the great Don Rickles is at Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast: #nowplaying

I knew Rickles did a lot of acting but I had no idea he guested on so many great sitcoms: Adams Family, Dick Van Dyke Show, F-Troop, Twilight Zone, I Dream of Jeannie, The Munsters, Get Smart…to name but a few! 

I’m going to miss him. 

The Story of Cheap Trick’s Commercial Comeback, ‘Lap of Luxury’

12 Apr

Released April 12, 1988….I remember buying it at Cutlers in New Haven, CT.

United Airlines’ New Seating Schematic

11 Apr

United Airlines Fight Club


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