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A Brief History of Ridiculous Celebrity Endorsements

24 Feb

NO, THE AD BELOW WITH STEVIE WONDER is not a spoof. Neither is the one with Sonny & Cher reading the Bible and Doris Day on a steam roller…

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Standup With Pete Dominic on Sirius/XM

10 May

Possibly the best talk radio, sans sports is on Sirius/XM, specifically Stand Up With Pete Dominic. Dominic is a smart standup comedian with an engaging style and is a very good interviewer. The show covers politics, economics, cultural issues and more, but he isn’t some crazy, beat-you-over-the-head-with-his-opin on type of host. Actually when folks who disagree call in he’s can be funny and disarming at the same time.

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Shameless Self-Serving Self-Promotion (is that redundant?)

28 Mar

I’m very excited and proud to say that I got one of the books I’m working, The Ultimate Book of March Madness, a nice look in the new issue of ESPN The Magazine (see below)! 

From page 28

From page 28

Though I’m not a big college basketball fan (I’ve never been interested in brackets and all that, either), I learned a lot about the men’s basketball tourney from this book.  And its great to be reminded of the stellar collegiate careers and games that many current and former NBA stars had before they went pro.

Available on ebook, too!

Available on ebook, too!

6 Dec

This blog is going to be a favorite destination very quickly.


In Praise of Print…

15 Nov
Image representing The Onion as depicted in Cr...

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A few months back The Onion ceased its print editions in several markets, including here in the Twin Cities.  I was surprised, to say the least; I don’t know any of my friends who didn’t laugh or reference the Onion every week.

I very quickly realized how much I loved, and missed the paper – a particular joy is wondering on how often their writers fooled low-info folks.  I also realized that with the print version gone my visits to their website seriously decreased.

The print version – of which I would eagerly scoop up downtown every Wednesday – was the primary driver for my visits to  There were two reasons for this – 1.) after seeing the hysterical headlines and stories I would then go online and send the links to friends and post on Facebook; and 2.) the interviews and reviews in the AV Club are always awesome.  Especially the interviews, where they nearly always mention you can find a longer version of the interview online.  Many times I would immediately jump online from my not-so-smartphone (a Blackberry 3G, don’t judge, f**kers) to check it out.

See, the paper version made it easier and faster for me to discover the online content. Between e-mail blasts, RSS feeds, my Favorites bar, liking the Onion on Facebook, getting their Tweets, etc. there should be PLENTY of ways to be reminded of the new issue.  But for me, the print edition is the best and easiest.  Go figure.

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