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Friday’s Five Faves

28 Jun

And, we’re back.  Again.

  1. Howard Stern interviewed Jerry Seinfeld on Wednesday.  I’ve long been fascinated by stand-up comedians, their craft, their methods.  Howard and Jerry have an amazing conversation about all that, and more.  Jerry has an amazing work-ethic, and a dedication to his craft.  Its definitely admirable.  And he’s right about Pop Tarts!
  2. The new Deep Purple album Now What?!  Yes, they are still around, and still making amazing music and this new studio album is proof.  Steve Morse has been in  DP longer than Ritchie Blackmore was, and Morse really shines on this new album, produced by Bob Ezrin.  Roger Glover, Ian Paice and of course, Ian Gillan are still in the band.  Sounding as good as ever.  Note the CD includes a bonus DVD and the full mp3 version of the album
  3. The second season of Veep on HBO.  Last Sunday was the 10th and final episode of the 2013 season…Julie-Louis Dreyfuss is brilliant in this, as is the rest of the cast.  Fast, funny and sharp.  All the episodes also aired deleted scenes at the end.
  4. Summer has finally, officially hit, weather-wise.  Hot, humid, along with some crazy storms that did a lot of damage.
  5.  This band, The Oddfathers.  Full-disclosure alert:  I manage them.  Will have a post about their greatness in the near future.

ODDFATHERS Photo - New Classic Rock

Friday’s Five Faves

24 May

Friday’s Five Faves


1.) The Ikea Hacker website.  This website is a perennial fave with tons of projects to make things out of virtually everything Ikea sells, for every room in your domecile.  Take a look at this cool hack using the Ikea Lack shelf.

2.) “Black Chandelier” by Biffy Clyro.  Love this song…in the personal heavy rotation now.  Great melody, then it gets heavy.  From the album “Opposites” available here.

3.) This morning’s prostate exam.  If you’re over 40, get one regularly.

4.) This article from City Pages – documenting a documentary about the Twin Cities’ one-man bands.

5.) The Oddfathers’ first video for “Whisper In My Ear”.  I’m biased because I manage the band, but they’re damn good.  And playing Bunkers in Minneapolis, Saturday, June 1




Friday’s Five Faves

26 Apr
  1. Aisha Tyler’s Girl On Guy  podcast  Great interviews with comics, actors, writers by this very funny and smart comedienne
  2. “Long Way Home” from Big Country.  Remember them?  They are back, with Mike Peters, formerly of The Alarm fronting the band (recall that founder Stuart Adamson tragically ended his life a few years back)  This version of an incredible song positively smokes.
  3. Paper Magazine’s interview with Tom Petersson, bassist for my favorite band of all time, Cheap Trick
  4. could be a Friday Fave every week, but this week I had trouble breathing I was laughing so hard about this guy.  As usual, the comments are gold.
  5. The weather.  I don’t want to go overboard without a life raft or jump to any conclusions, but 67 degrees today, and possibly 70 tomorrow means Spring finally might be here
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