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Bon Mots & Bullshit: Friday, 11/11

11 Nov

A NEW EPISODE of the WSD podcast is available now. Next Tuesday will be the first episode with an awesome co-host.

THE FIRST :30 OF “BACK IN THE SADDLE” still makes my heart race. FACT: If it’s the last thing you hear in your car before going into the gym you’re guaranteed to crush your workout.

EVERY WEEK GETS BETTER, and things will get better. Because there’s only so much that you can control when it comes to your own happiness.

I PICKED THE WRONG WEEKto stop sniffing glue

THE LAST DATE on the last U.S. tour Black Sabbath will undertake is tomorrow night in San Antonio, TX. In related news, you can enter to win a big, new illustrated history of Black Sabbath at Goodreads

‘TIS THE SEASON for the semi-annual experiment with facial hair.

JUST FINISHED TRANSPARENT and Jeffrey Tambor deserves every award and accolade he gets. Amazing. And Joshie drives me crazy…he’s his own worst enemy so often. Is it life imitates art or the other way around? That’s part of the reason why we drive me crazy. I love the show, but it could easily have been titled “Selfish and Self-Absorbed.”

WHOA, HO, HO, IT’S MAGIC: If you don’t think this song is one of the greatest pop-rock songs from the 70’s we can’t be friends.

Friday Bon Mots & Bullshit, 11/4

4 Nov

CUBS WIN! And you don’t have to be a fan of the team, hell, or even a baseball fan, to appreciate and enjoy the moment and the magnitude of their first World Series win in 108 years! Plus, watching the games on Fox is always amazing – the camera work, attention to little details and Joe Buck and John Smoltz are great. Though Alex Rodriguez and Pete Rose doing analysis? And lifelong Cubs fan Bill Murray is a national treasure, and a saint.

MY CLOCK RADIO wakes me up to the 89.3 The Current, and in a stupor at 4:30 a.m. yesterday I realized it was really good. And later in the day I found out it’s a brand new song from Tommy Stinson’s band Bash & Pop. And I can’t stop listening to it.

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LET’S TRY THIS AGAIN  A new episode of the WSD podcast is up.

HE MISSED THE FIRST FOUR GAMES but Tom Brady will likely be a favorite to be the NFL MVP. Which is insane – he missed a 1/4 of the season and will probably throw close to 40 touchdowns.

SPEAKING OF FOOTBALL The Dallas Cowboys are 6-1 and playing the Browns this week. 6-1, that’s not a typo; this team is very good. For several reasons I haven’t been into football that much this season. But I’m now warming up!

A GREAT SMASHING PUMPKINS SONG, “That’s The Way My Love Is” from 2009, renders moot the bemoaning from some that the band hasn’t done anything good from the mid-nineties. Powerful and melodic, with touching and bittersweet lyrics.

NO POLITICS HERE except to say that everything about the presidential campaign is tiring…exhausting, really.

AFTER THINKING ABOUT THAT I want to watch cats jumping.


Friday Bon Mots & Bullshit, 10/28

28 Oct

FRIDAY, finally…

YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A BASEBALL FAN to appreciate the excitement around the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians playing in the World Series. The Indians have not won the World Series since 1948 – 68 years! That’s a long drought without a championship (and thanks to the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the NBA title, championship futility in Cleveland ended) but the Cubs have gone 108 years without winning the World Series. Put another way, it’s highly likely there’s nobody alive who remembers the Cubs being champions.

CAN YOU CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY? Yes, you can. You have to choose it every day. I battle sadness at some point virtually every day that ends in “y”, and when that hits and there might not be something at that moment to look forward to, you have to choose to be happy. To think ahead, and/or think it through and simply make a choice to be happy. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but it’s not that hard, either. Like almost everything you do in life, to get better at something, its the repetitions that make the difference. Just do it, as the slogan says…even if you fail often.

THE LATEST TV SHOW that I’ve gone overboard without a life raft for Transparent on Amazon. My amazing girlfriend got me into this, and its the rare show where almost every episode makes me laugh, yell with anger, damn near cry and cringe. It’s worth the hype and the awards. Another mark of a great show is when you can relate to one of their characters. Josh, played by Jay Duplass, is that character for me (no, I wasn’t molested by my baby-sitter

I LOVE ROCK DOCUMENTARIES and the Oasis doc, Supersonic, looks like it won’t disappoint. It’s in theaters now – just opened Wednesday and out for only a week – I haven’t seen any news or info on when it will be released digitally, but I hope it’s soon. The story of their great music, how huge they got (especially overseas), and that brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher have such a dysfunctional relationship (they make Ray & Dave Davies seem close, by comparison) is worth telling – even though the doc. doesn’t go beyond 1996. The story of the documentary itself is interesting, too.

I’VE BEEN TOLD by friends, family and professionals that I’m really good at beating the shit out of myself. No matter how much I’ve been ground down by circumstances or other people, no one has ever been as hard on me as am on myself. Though why that’s the case is worth a longer examination, here’s why beating yourself up is a waste of time.

THE WSD PODCAST will happen on a regular, weekly basis. Follow us on Facebook:

GOODBYE VINE, as Twitter will be discontinuing the app. The internet will be a much sadder place.

THIS DAY IN HISTORY in 1886 the Statue of Liberty was dedicated. In 1965 the Gateway Arch in St. Louis was finished. The Cuban Missile Crisis in came to an end on this day in 1962. Julia Roberts was born on this day in 1967.

AND THEN, this happened. A topless selfie seemed like a good idea at the time.

THERE’S A BIG NEW BOOK ON BLACK SABBATH that just came out, and it is awesome! Full-disclosure: I do the marketing & publicity for the title, which is one reason for writing about it. The other reason is because it IS awesome. THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF BLACK SABBATH: WHAT EVIL LURKS, is a veritable encyclopedia of the band’s long career. Every era of the band is covered: Ozzy, of course, and Ronnie James Dio; the various incarnations without either lead singer (Glenn Hughes or Ian Gillan, anyone?); tons of great photos, and a cool, fold-out centerfold Black Sabbath family tree. Click the book cover below to learn more and buy it.


Bonmots & Bullshit, 10/21

21 Oct

FEAR, RESENTMENT & REVENGE can be great motivators.

MY SON & I made another appearance on the popular Kid Friday podcast. Check it out via iTunes, Player FM and Vimeo.

ITS A MYSTERY TO ME that I’ve never been picked for jury duty. I pay my taxes, vote, and more than happy to be on a jury! Seriously, the fact I’ve never been summoned really bugs me.

THE WALKING DEAD SEASON PREMIERE is this Sunday. #PSYCHED. Who got the barbed wire busiNess end of Negan’s baseball bat?

WE DIG ACTION FLICKS so my son and I enjoyed the new Jack Reacher movie. Predictable, yet fun though we thought the first one was better.

I WISH IT COULD BE SO EASY to just have no more fucks to give.

THE WORK IS NEVER DONE When it comes to self-improvement and learning. That’s an easy thing to forget. Its easy to fall into a “trap” of thinking, “I’ve done all this work on myself, and things are still this way…” or “The same thing happened to me  despite all the work I’ve done and things I thought I learned.”

The work we do on ourselves, the continuing pursuit of self-improvement, is never finished. Ultimately, that’s  a positive thing. Fortunately, I’ve always had a great work ethic.

SIX MONTHS? Six months.



Bonmots & Bullshit, 10/14

14 Oct

 WHEN VISITING THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA, do not autograph it. Seriously.



TWO OF THE FUNNIEST COMEDY ROUTINES are both from this guy. Pancakes on an airplane and getting down while going up.

THE BEST SOUL SONG I’ve heard in ages, and the best Black Sabbath cover I’ve ever heard, is right here.

NOW I KNOW – finally! – the difference between tonic water, mineral water and club soda. It’s about the additives.

MY SON AND I are really psyched to see Jack Reacher: Never Go Back  next week. Sure, it’s an action movie with Tom Cruise. What’s your point?

WE MADE LISTS, Part 2 should arrive next week. Part 1 was earlier this week.

HOPING TO HAVE episode 2 of the WSD podcast up over the weekend. Check the podcast tab for details.

A BIG FAVOR FORGOTTEN can end up biting you in the ass much later. Doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t do the same favor all over again, however.

THIS DAY IN HISTORY Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier in 1947. Martin Luther King, Jr. won the Nobel Peace Prize. In 1994 one of my all-time favorite movies made it’s debut, Pulp Fiction. And Steve Bartman caught a foul ball in Wrigley Field in 2003.

THE KEY TO MINDFULNESS could be in having a better attenation span and keeping distractions at bay. No wonder striving for some peace can be such a struggle.




Friday Bonmots & Bullshit, 10/7

7 Oct

FRIDAY, Finally…

NEW MUSIC FROM THE ROLLING STONES? Yes! New recordings of old blues songs, actually. Coming in December, the album will feature “extremely great cover versions of Howlin’ Wolf and Little Walter, among other blues people.”

Producer Don Was says recording the album took “just a few days” with the band members “in a circle around the microphones.” Eric Clapton was recording new songs nearby and joined the band on two songs. Details, with a music clip, here.

NOW ITS A GALAXY S7 replacement phone that caught fire – on a Southwest flight recently. It was confirmed that it was a replacement, and apparently it started to smoke and then catch fire after he turned it off. Apparently it burned hot enough and long enough to burn through the carpet of the Boeing 737 and into the subflooring below that.

THIS DAY IN HISTORY: In 2003 Arnold Schwarzenegger becomes governor of California and in 1983 Sean Connery returns as James Bond in the movie “Never Say Never Again.” What has become the longest war in American history starts with the invasion of Afghanistan in 2003, CBS broadcasts the premiere episode of “Route 66” in 1960 and in 1949 East Germany is created.

DID YOU DO ALL YOU CAN DO?  Questions I remind myself as often as possible.

SPEAKING OF QUESTIONS even when you don’t get an answer that doesn’t necessarily mean you should stop asking.

SERIOUSLY? IT’S 2016, but sadly, morons like this Atlanta school teacher who got fired for a post on Facebook calling Michelle Obama a gorilla, still exist. This is a politics-free blog, but this story isn’t about politics – even though that Atlanta assclown posted that because of politics. No, this is about not being a racist assclown, for starters, and for several very real reasons, the last eight years these cockroaches have been out of the dark (turn on the lights and watch them scurry). Finally, you have to be a moron not to recognize the fact that Michelle Obama is bad-ass, and just a very cool and smart human being (and for the record, I really dug First Lady Laura Bush, too. Former librarians are cool, period).

DID YOU KNOW that it can cost up to $39.35 to hold your baby after your wife’s C-section?


FRIDAY MORNING MUSIC: The first time Scott Weiland left Stone Temple Pilots the remaining guys brought on another singer who sounded like Scott, and called that band Talk Show. Dug out that CD the other day and I remembered how much I loved the song “Hello Hello” and I didn’t forget that no matter what they do 3/4 of STP will always kick ass. Next week, Army of Anyone, anyone?


ANOTHER EPISODE of the Weapon of Self-Distraction Podcast should be up this weekend. Click on the WSD Podcast tab for details, sign up for email alerts, or go to



Bon Mots & Bullshit, 9/30

30 Sep

THE FIRST WSD PODCAST is in the can and published at Podbean! Listen here, and don’t judge – it’s a start and most of all, it’s fun and will improve with the addition of a co-host, interviews and more.

THIS QUOTE IS PERFECT: “The opposite of love isn’t hate – it’s indifference” – from the Arlo & Janis comic strip, of all places.

LAST NIGHT I saw the movie My Blind Brother starring Nick Kroll, Adam Scott and Jenny Slate.  Its a bittersweet romantic comedy about two brothers who both fall in love for the same girl. Scott plays Robbie who is blind; Kroll plays Robbie’s brother Bill. Robbie is an over-achieving egocentric jerk (most of the time) who revels in the adoration his athletic exploits (running marathons, swimming) to benefit charities gets him. Bill’s life is going nowhere; he’s Robbie’s sighted guide for the races and training and is pretty much ignored. They both fall in love with Rose, played by Slate. She’s got her own life issues which is why she first meets Bill, and how she ends up with Robbie. It’s not in any kind of wide-release but worth viewing when you see it in Redbox or streaming soon.

IT’S NOT EASY to put into practice Radical Acceptance.  It should be so easy to just…radically accept that you have to do it, right?

IT’S ALSO NOT EASY to remind myself that my life is great, living and regretting the past takes up far too much energy and I have more in my life, and more to offer, than I ever have before.

I ALSO NEED to lean about and practice the Relaxation Response.

THIS DAY IN HISTORY: September 30, 1955, actor James Dean is killed in a car accidentin 1954, the Nautilus, the world’s first nuclear powered submarine, is commissioned by the U.S. Navy; in 1927 Babe Ruth hit his 60th home run.

A BROKEN CREDIT SCORE can last longer than a broken heart.


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