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Watch “Crashing: Official Trailer (HBO)” on YouTube

20 Feb

MY NEW FAVORITE SERIES even though I’ve only seen one episode, the debut, last night. No surprise I’m already overboard without a life raft about it as the show is about two of my favorite things: relationship struggles and stand-up comedy.

Holmes brings an akward and painful humility to his character while remaining, at the core, funny. The struggles are real – and humorous. 

The Manual Transmission Is Dying And It’s All Our Fault

8 Dec

Source: The Manual Transmission Is Dying And It’s All Our Fault

A damn shame. Though speaking from past and recent experience, the demise of the manual transmission could mean saving hours of fighting and aggravation trying to either a.) teach a significant other how to drive a stick,and 2.) convince a significant other that your not a selfish s.o.b. for buying a car with a stick.

My Life According To Me

Always remember the victims and justice, as that is what is important.

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