That Hyundai Super Bowl Ad

Did that Hyundai Super Bowl add seem familiar?

You know, the “Smaht Pahk” ad for the new Hyundai Sonata. It reminded me of a Saturday Night Live bit – besides having SNL alum Rachel Dratch it – because they too a marginally funny premise (the Boston accent) and went on too long. But I guess it worked because I remember what the ad was for – the new Hyundai Sonata with the Smart Park feature that enables you to slide your car into a ridiculously tight parking space while you’re not actually driving the car. On that note, what kind of moron would park their new – or any car – into such a tight spot?

That commercial also felt familiar because it actually is similar to an SNL parody – the hilarious Dunkin’ Donuts spot featuring Casey Affleck:

“the mayor of Dunkin’ Donuts”?

“CUT YOUR NAILS FOR GOD’S SAKE!” I never tire of that…its one of their best, for sure. Still gets me laughing every time.

Was the Hyundai ad considered one of the best? thinks its was the best. My favorite may have been the Alexa ad with Ellen Degeneres. I also loved the ad for Rocket Mortgage starring Jason Momoa where he ends up bald and skinny – very funny. Google wins the award for pulling on the heartstrings the hardest with their “Loretta” ad, where the the widower is reminded of all the things he loved about his late wife thanks to the search engine.

What were your favorites?

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