Gary Gulman Stand-Up Special Coming to HBO


Last month Gulman taped a stand-up special in Brooklyn, NY for his first HBO special. The special, called, “The Great Depresh” will premier in the fall and is directed by none other than Judd Apatow. I don’t think its going too far out on a limb to predict the special will be positively brilliant.

“The Great Depresh” was also the name of his tour the past year. I saw a show last November and it was simply incredible. For the first time, Gulman made his battles with depression a part of his act – a big part, as a matter of fact. The show was extremely raw, honest, and at times, very sad. It was the first time a comic ever made me nearly cry from both laughter and sadness. Above all else, though, the show was funny. Gulman is one of the best comics out there – I could supply links to multiple bits – but just search for him on You Tube and dive into his Trader Joe’s and state abbreviation bits and enjoy his comic brilliance.

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