“Ideality” – The Reality of the Past

STAYING PRESENT reminded me of the past.

Back in the 80’s comedian Rich Hall was a staple on late night TV with sniglets. Sniglets are made-up words that “describe something for which no dictionary word exists.” (Wikipedia) I always loved the wordplay and creativity behind sniglets, my favorite being the “ignisecond” – which is the second after you closed your car door and you realize you left your key in the ignition.

Anyway, I think I may have created a sniglet: “ideality.” This refers to when the ideal doesn’t match with reality, because of what you know now. For example, when I get caught up in my thoughts about the past, specifically specific people from my past, I’ll remember (or sometimes have to be reminded) that what I think might be ideal, isn’t the actual reality, because of what I’ve learned from the past.

I used to have an ideality nearly every day. Having an ideality is due to not being present, and letting people and circumstances in the past get to me. Its the ideality that helps me stay present. I’d rather life be a real-time documentary, vs. being a highlight reel.

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