A Great Idea: “Revisit” Features Failed TV Pilots

Here’s an idea: how about a cable or streaming channel called REVISIT that features nothing but failed TV pilots and very short-run, failed series (ones that never lasted more than a few episodes or one season).

There are hundreds of shows out there that never succeeded, that got yanked after only an episode or three.  Many because they sucked, many because of network politics and likely there were a good number of shows that were really good, but just never found an audience.  Would you watch a channel like this? I know a lot of pop and classic TV junkie sure would.

Each day of the week could be themed – Monday could be Crime Night, with detective and cop shows. Tuesday and Thursday would be called Laugh Trax – featuring sitcoms. Daytime would feature short-lived dramas and soap operas. I bet there’s a lot of failed game show pilots, too. How about a night/theme called Before They Were Stars – pilots featuring actors and actresses that would later become very successful in TV and movies. There are a  lot of different themes one could come up with.

Cool, right?

I wish I could get paid for these things.


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