Staying Positive

I FOUND THIS POST at, 4 Practical Things I Do To Stay Positive to be really smart and helpful.

Sure, it’s seemingly so simple, right? You’ve probably seen versions of this before, and likely the very first thing, practicing gratitude. That does work – I try and think of three things every morning that I’m thankful for (it’s usually 1.) my son, 2.) I’m awake, and 3.) I’m employed. That is a lot to be thankful for).

The post also talks about the Stoic perspective, and I can really appreciate that, essentially, you should be objective in your perceptions. In other words, So when we are frustrated, angry or unhappy, let’s hold ourselves responsible for these emotions because they are the result of our judgments.” 

When your thoughts are negative about something, you’re making misjudgments. And no one else is responsible for them.

I also like the 2nd item, “don’t take it personally.” I’ve been – often correctly – told I’m pretty sensitive and there have been many times I’ve taken things personally, let emotions about something get in the way of my thinking, which will, in turn, lead to ruminating and that never leads to anything good. Or feeling better. As I’ve gotten older, not taking things personally – or, put another way, just not giving a shit – is very freeing.

That doesn’t mean I don’t care about things. Rather, I’m more selective and smarter about letting things get to me and, taking things too personally. The difference is I stop and think about my feelings more and more rapidly can figure out if what happened or what is bothering me is something I can control or not. If it’s not, I’m not going to spend the energy on the emotions that come with it getting to me.

Staying positive: progress is progress, regardless!


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