Bumping Mics: Take No Prisoners, Old-School Stand-Up Comedy

EDGY AND FUNNY, Bumping Mics, a new, three-episode series on Netflix, features standups Jeff Ross and Dave Attell and is a must-see if you want some terrific stand-up comedy. Filmed over three nights in New York at the Village Underground, Ross and Attel riff and roast each other, audience members, and some great guests. These include Amy Schumer, Rachel Feinstein, Bob Saget, Bruce Willis and the great Gilber Gottfried, to name a few.

The comedy is great – so much is spontaneous, so much of it is crowd work, and Ross and Attell are absolute pros – these guys are at the top of their games. Fast, funny and often obscene, nothing is sacred, it’s take-no-prisoners, rapid fire comedy but ultimately not offensive (at least not to me; no doubt in this day and age there’s likely more than a few who might be “triggered” at some of the jokes that are…ethnically and sexually themed, let’s say. Get over it. It’s standup comedy). The guests end up being part of short, funny roasts, which, of course, Ross is the absolute master. Interspersed throughout the stand-up portions are vignettes of Ross and Attell talking about their craft – really enlightening, interesting, and, of course, funny.

Each episode is relatively short – about 35 minutes each or so – and will get you laughing and wanting more.

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