The Best Band Break-Up Ever Seen

FORGET “MUSICAL DIFFERENCES” or personality conflicts, egos, etc., when it comes to reasons bands often break up. The best and most dramatic band dramas and breakups always occur when there’s romantic entanglements involved (see: Fleetwood Mac).  The worst has to be when one band member’s significant other is cheating on that member with another band member. Some bands can survive this (see: The Ramones), but for Canadian metal band Witchrot, they won’t be surviving similar drama, at least for the time being. And one member of that band announced this news on their Facebook page, in the most metal way possible:


This has gone viral in a big way, with no less than the USA Today picking up the story. Here’s to Witchrot using this to fuel the “most devastating, torturous music” they have ever created. And finding a new drummer. \m/

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