What Am I Thankful For This Morning?

NEW ROUTINE/NEW RULE: every morning as soon as I wake up I will write down, or think about, a minimum of 3 things I’m thankful for. First thing. I’ll put a sign on my nightstand to remind me so that’s the second thing I see (next to the clock radio, and often, my cat, Pluto).

Why do this? I need to re-train my brain.

Too often my first thoughts upon waking up aren’t good: my mind will start running about things I don’t have, things supposedly missing from my life, people from the past. Hell, too often I’m immediately thinking of the past. And that will lead to worrying about what I might not have in the future. Then, a general feeling of malaise will set in. It’s almost automatic. Not a good way to start the day.

The fact is, I do have a lot to be thankful for: an amazing son, a house, a good job, terrific health, a great girlfriend. And on any given morning there’s even more to be thankful for: I had a good night sleep. Maybe I got laid the night before. Had a great meal. Spent quality time with my son. The movie the night before was great. Be thankful for things I’ve got to look forward to that very day. Hell, at age 51, let’s be thankful every day for waking up! The list of things I can be thankful for is really long.

Instead of going thru getting thru the bad stuff, that malaise, and then getting to where I’m thankful for so many things, lets start the day the right way, right away, with the good. How can I do that? How can I make doing so automatic?

I need to retrain my brain. I can do that with more effort and more discipline. Like the discipline I have for working out or at my job, I need discipline to think differently and that starts with a better routine and a reminder right away to do so. Until it’s a regular part of my day. I don’t need a reminder to work out, maybe some days I need a little extra motivation and energy to, but the desire to, is automatic.

I know it’s all not that simple, but in some respects it is. Nothing starts and nothing changes without taking action, without doing something.

Soundtrack for this post.


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