Friday Bonmots & Bullshit (Re-Post)

Someone viewed this post yesterday, and normally I don’t look back at older posts, but this one I liked. So, why not hit that “reblog” button? Plus, today is Friday!


HAVING RELIGIOUS FAITH can make things a bit easier and bring solace. So I’ve been told.

THE TONY KORNHEISER SHOW returns, Tuesday, September 6th! No longer on the Washington D.C. ESPN Radio affiliate, it’s now strictly a podcast. To say I am psyched for the return and launch of the “new” podcast is an understatement!

“I’M FLOUNDERING ON THE SEA of rudderless destiny.” That’s actually not always the case but I’ve always loved that line. Found it in a great book by George Plimpton, One More Julyeasily one of the best books on the NFL and football I’ve ever read.

IT’S SEPTEMBER ALREADY?  Damn. This has been one of the craziest, stressful, fun, dramatic, saddest and expensive years I’ve had in a very long time. Or, possibly ever: there’s still four months left.

STILL GETTING MY HEAD AROUND the concept of Radical Acceptance. One tenet is…

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