Song Spotlight: Enuff Z’Nuff – “Playground”

FIRST, A SIMPLE DISCLAIMER: Any pretense or opinion that Enuff Z’ Nuff is simply a lame 80’s hairband or some other similar idea is pure bullshit nonsense.

The reality and fact is they were an amazing power pop band (and huge Cheap Trick fans, and from IL, too!) who’s catalog is bursting with simply incredible hook-laden songs. People who know, know that these guys should have been huge. “Playground” is just one of dozens of examples, and at the moment, I can’t get this song or the lyrics out of my head:

Hold on tight! Lets put up your serving tray!

It’s alright, You’ll get off I’ll find a way.

Get on  your knees, on your knees please You’re such a tease, I aim to please.

Oh yeah!

Lay down, I’ll make your body my playground.

Open your lily-white legs now!

Look how I’m movin’ my way down,

Down to the middle, we’ll shake it!

As long as you can take it! So hard, I hope I don’t break it!

Loves in the air, so lets make it!

I know,  I know, the lyrics are…ridiculous. It’s not Prince “Dirty Mind” or Bob Dylan, but…damn!  They just work in the context of the song and that melody and harmonies under those lyrics? The hooks? So. Much. FUN!

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