“Ghost Gear” – Deadly Plastic Pollution in the Oceans

MOST PEOPLE NOW KNOW about the huge amount of plastic that’s adrift in the world’s oceans, damaging marine life and ecosystems  – the Great Pacific Garbage Patch has received a lot of news in recent years.  Many communities, governments and organizations are doing great work in trying to limit plastic and and clean it up – all told, a herculean task, to be sure.

But there’s another, potentially worse, plastic disaster endangering marine life, abandoned fishing equipment, known as “ghost gear.” This gear is practically invisible in the dim amount of light underwater, and each year millions of marine animals get entangled in it and die. Primarily plastic nets, they last for hundreds of years, slowly decaying, becoming small fragments that ultimately become part of the food chain, doing further damage to fish, marine mammals and more.

Read more about ghost gear and what an organization called Healthy Seas is doing to combat this big and dangerous problem, here.

Image via Pexels.com


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