New Book: “QUEEN: Album By Album” Explores Band’s Entire Catalogue

DID YOU KNOW it took three weeks for QUEEN to record the six-minute, now-classic epic “Bohemian Rhapsody”?  You’ll find that fact, and so many more, in the new book QUEEN: Album by Album, by Martin Popoff, due out next month.  Popoff offers a different way t to look at Queen’s recorded output, gathering musicians, journalists and industry pros to discuss all 15 of the band’s studio albums (including their soundtrack for the 1980 film Flash Gordon). The luminaries include PAUL McCARTNEY, Dee Snider, Dave Ellefson, Queen producer Mack, to name just a few of the 19 Queen experts and superfans in the book. More about the book is at Den of Geek.

As a big fan of Queen, this is the kind of book that I love, featuring the kinds of conversations I have with friends about our favorite artists and albums. I always want to know more about the songwriting, recording…basically the whole creative process has always been intriguing to me. I’m looking forward to this book – it’s the perfect companion to the upcoming feature film biopic, Bohemian Rhapsodyalso due out next month.

Queen Album by Album
QUEEN: Album By Album – available November 13

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