Dream Police: Released 39 Years Ago Today

Now 39 years ago (!) today, one of Cheap Trick’s best albums was released


ONE OF MY FAVORITE CHEAP TRICK ALBUMS, Dream Police, was released thirty-seven years ago today, September 21, 1979.  I knew it was 1979, but the date surprised me because I recall getting the cassette for my birthday, which is September 11. Though I vaguely recall having at least one birthday party as a kid, I’m not sure if that was the year I remember having a party, and I’d be surprised if it was two weeks past my actual birthday.  But I digress…

Dream Police, befitting the name of the record label that released it, is epic. Cheap Trick’s fourth studio album, it was a big step forward in it’s sound and production. Filled with orchestration, and additional keyboards, Rick Nielsen’s riffs carry the tunes (“The House is Rocking (With Domestic Problems)”), Robin Zander’s vocals are of course, stellar (“Voices), Bun E. Carlos’ drumming is efficient and swinging (“Need Your Love”) and the whole…

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