A Slight Summer Break

IT’S SUMMER TIME, and though that’s not fully the reason for a bit of a break from posting here, let’s just go with that, for now. There will still be the occasional podcast episode, but for now, for the blog and writing, it’s time to recharge, so to speak. There might be the occasional post or cool links at the Weapon of Self-Distraction Facebook page, though, so don’t forget about us entirely!

Besides, this time of year, we should be outside as much as possible and enjoying the fresh air and great weather. Though lately I’ve been binge-watching The Handmaid’s Tale – for reasons I can’t recall, back in the Spring I got distracted and stopped watching the middle of the first season, so I’ve been catching up.

So for now, for a few weeks at least, goodbye, and we’ll leave you with our favorite summer song:


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