How To Take Action, Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

THIS ARTICLE at, How To Take Action Even When You Don’t Feel Like It is a great reminder/primer on how to fight that malaise that can happen. Perfectly timed, this:

“Our mood improves when we take action, not the other way around. Too often we wait until we “feel like it” to begin taking the action to advance our cause.”

Many times the hardest thing to do is to just do. Do something, make something, get moving. I’d been thinking how I just haven’t had the motivation to write a blog post and do another podcast episode. I also woke up this morning feeling like shit, some things were bugging me and I found myself stressing and feeling down about a couple of things. But I got moving…I got to the gym; I didn’t even have a great workout, but I got there and did something. I started thinking about little things to look forward to in the hours to come.

“What we don’t realize is that the simple act of “doing” is the exact thing that improves our mood. Ever noticed how you feel better after a workout than you did before going into it? That same logic can be applied to every aspect of your life. How can you take action today?”


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