Sums It Up, Often

AS MUCH AS I LIKE TO WRITE, I don’t fancy myself a “wordsmith” or particularly creative, that often. Regardless, I do like to write, though I haven’t been too motivated of late when it comes to this blog. Every now and then, however, some words will come together for one reason that will be very relevant for another reason. That was the case when I concocted the following, when emailing my financial adviser, about funding my son’s college education. I blamed asking the same question(s) again about saving for college on:

“…a long-simmering anxiety cocktail of time passing fast and the realization that I have not done enough and that it’s too late to do more.”

It occurred to me that same thought applies to so much more than saving for my son’s college education.  Some of the people I’ve always admired the most have a way of letting things go. That’s been a struggle for me at time – I will ruminate and wonder and stress about something that I shouldn’t be.

Maybe it’s a question of strength. When it’s challenging to break that thought process I feel weak. Should it take so much strength to stay present, and let things go? More than one person in my life has said I’m way too hard on myself, but to me, being hard on myself is the way I’m being honest with myself. Really though, being honest with myself should not mean I have to beat the crap out of myself.

Excellent reading on this topic: Taking the Leap by Pema Chodron

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