When Someone Says Any of These…

WITH SPECIAL THANKS to friend of the Podcast Brad, here’s a list of phrases, that when you hear them, rest assured nothing good will follow. We started with a Top 10 list, and that just wasn’t enough!

  1. Hold my beer…
  2. Watch this!
  3. I love you, but,
  4. You’re a really nice guy…
  5. This is my last one
  6. That dog don’t look right
  7. I’m not one to throw anyone under the bus
  8. I don’t feel so good
  9. Did you hear that?
  10. Oops, I farted
  11. The sushi smelled fine
  12. Shit, it broke!
  13. Here, smell it
  14. Just hit “send”…
  15. You can hardly notice it
  16. I’ll call you
  17. We have to talk…
  18. I think I just saw my girlfriend walk in
  19. I think I just saw my ex-wife walk in
  20. Cut the blue wire
  21. It’s fine, I tested it myself

Got any more??

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