Random Bits, Bon Mots & Bullshit

“I’m not here to be a goalie…I’m not here to stop somebody from accomplishing their goals. If you’re not hurting anybody I’m here to either assist or get out of the way.”  — comedian Kyle Kinane. We should all live by that mantra.

I swear, a head-clearing, giant sneeze can feel SO good. Know what I mean? Loud, powerful, kind of sends a shiver throughout your body. Seriously, I have one of those kinds of sneezes literally once a day and it feels GREAT!

Am I angrier than I think I am? After reading this smart piece at Medium, I’m wondering Maybe the resignation and frustration that I often feel just masquerades for anger? I often don’t feel like I’m angry, but certainly resignation and frustration gets me angry at times At any rate, its interesting…

More smart stuff from Medium: This One Thing Predicts Your Future. A good nugget from that: “Rather than looking for the NEXT opportunity, or the NEXT relationship, or the NEXT thing… look at what’s right in front of you.”

However, when there’s currently no “next” opportunity, or relationship, or…whatever it might be, when you’re not making any new memories with anyone, it still can be hard to keep the old memories at bay. Which is another way of describing “living in the past.” And, before you know it, the present is flying by, and it’s hard to just be present. What do you do with the memories? A good reminder for me is that the other persons in those memories are not losing time by thinking of the past, or reminders, or any of that. Ultimately, you just have to keep moving forward, and keep looking forward, to…something.

I feel like I’m repeating myself. It’s a version of Groundhog Day around here.

I recently discovered the series Hap & Leonard and I love it!  It stars James Purefoy (“Rome,” “The Following”), Michael Kenneth Williams (“The Wire,” “Boardwalk Empire”) and Christina Hendricks (“Mad Men”) and its a six-hour adaptation of novels by Joe R. Lansdale. Purefoy plays Hap Collins, a ’60s activist/ex-con Hap Collins and Williams plays his life-long and unlikely best friend Leonard Pine, an openly gay black Vietnam War vet with a bad temper. Set in east Texas in the late 80’s, its ostensibly a drama, but there’s dark comedy laced with an often resigned, down-trodden humanity, mixed with a coarse look at society, especially it’s racial ills. Salon.com recently had a great article on season 3, which just started on Sundance.

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