Random Bits, Bon Mots & Bullshit

I’m 50-years old and I still laugh when a dog wakes up from its own fart.

I was reminded recently that the more I fail at something, the better I get at it. I was a much better boyfriend in my last relationship, than I was a fiancee in the relationship before that. I’m a better father than I was a couple of years ago. I’m better at my job now than I was when I started. It’s about the ability to adapt, to change, and to learn. I know so much more about myself now than I did just a few short years ago. There are no shortcuts, and the learning, challenges, and indeed, the failures, never stop.

Online dating can often be a pain in the ass. The waiting, the messaging, the tantalizing hope that the profile you’re really digging isn’t someone else’s fiction…it all adds up to a lot of frustration.  Maybe there’s better luck in bars. Or parole hearings. Or halfway houses.

And I’ve STILL never been picked for jury duty.  And that bugs me. I vote, I’m civic-minded, I’d make a great juror! I just want the experience, once in my life.

How the hell did I miss this: Reba McEntire is the newest Colonel Sanders?  She’s made history – the first woman to be the iconic image/spokesperson of KFC. I’m sure she doesn’t need the money – if I was in her shoes I’d do it. And why not?

The longer I don’t have the things I miss, the more I still want those things. The desire hasn’t ebbed, nor has the resolve. Now though, I’m used to not having these things as time goes on. Guess that shows some maturity and that I’m o.k. being alone.

I think I was ghosted this week. Had what I thought was a very good first date, she went in for the goodnight kiss, seemed to dig it, and…haven’t heard back from her. Ultimately, it’s not a big deal to me, but I get it. Though after just one date, even if it went well, and that person disappears, is that truly ghosting? Or is it just avoiding communicating that you’re not interested, or you met someone else and want to see where that goes?  After one date, do you even have to reach out? It’s easier to just disappear, I suppose.

Here’s the latest podcast. I still like doing the podcast and have learned a lot. One thing I’ve learned is that I need a co-host, again. It’s fun, and easier, to bounce ideas off prior to, and during the, actual podcast recording.

Yes, this song is still in my personal power rotation.


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