Song Spotlight: The Glorious Sons – “My Poor Heart”

IT’S BEEN AWHILE since the last time I went overboard without a life raft about a song.

Canada’s THE GLORIOUS SONS grabbed me and won’t let go. The first song I heard from the band, thanks once again to Sirius/XM’s Iceberg channel, is not the subject of this Song Spotlight, actually.  That particular song is “Everything is Alright” – an awesome and anthemic track, with really powerful lyrics and a great video –  and I was instantly sold.  That song made me immediately race to buy the full album, Young, Beauties and Fools and it’s the very first song on that album that I also can’t stop listening to:


I just LOVE the dichotomy here: the music and the melody are upbeat, and powerful. Indeed, together, it’s uplifting and, yes, glorious! Yet the lyrics, to me, are a desperate plea for a break, a much-needed healing of the soul: “I NEED TO REST MY POOR HEART!!!”

When I first heard I first heard this song, I thought about how it would’ve made me feel nearly a year ago or so. The exact lyrics weren’t in my head then, but the sentiment definitely was – “I need to rest my poor heart, I think I’ve taken it too far…I need a cold glass of water and a place to fall apart…”  That’s exactly what I needed last Spring – I needed to give my heart a rest and recover. I was down and exhausted, and needed to climb out of a hole. I slowly did; I climbed up and out and I just know this song – so damn powerful and uplifting – would have helped me get there a little bit faster. I imagine belting that chorus out at the top of my lungs: “I NEED TO REST MY POOR HEART!!!” and how great that would feel – because it feels so damn good now.

Music for me has always been cathartic. It’s hard to explain, but ever since I was a kid, a great song will often give me just what I needed: a soulful kick in the ass.

For more on The Glorious Sons and their incredible debut album, Young, Beauties and Fools, click here.


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