Fast Eddie Clarke, R.I.P.

I MEANT TO POST SOMETHING A FEW DAYS AGO, but “Fast” Eddie Clarke, guitarist from Motorhead died recently, at the age of 67. He was the last surviving member of the classic, best-known Motorhead line-up.

But for me, it wasn’t about Motorhead, but about Clarke’s band post-Motorhead, FASTWAY!  They had a classic rock, blues-based sound and I fell in love with Clarke’s great riffing – and Dave King’s glorious, classic voice – from the first time I heard “Say What You Will,” from their debut album..

That debut album is fantastic (check out “Heft” for more proof); but for me, it’s their second album, All Fired Up that really shone.  The single “Tell Me” was similar to “Say What You Will,” with an instantly memorable opening riff:

I always loved Clarke’s tone – pretty much just a Les Paul straight into a Marshall, I think – and yes, he was fast, certainly in Motorhead, but not anywhere near like an Eddie Van Halen, Yngwie or folks from the 80’s. Clarke’s solos were melodic,  especially in Fastway, and always fit the song.

Fastway had a couple of songs that got play on FM radio and MTV; possibly my favorite song of theirs’ though, is one that never got airplay, and features a great Clarke solo, “Stranger.” Just an epic ballad, and Dave King (later finding much success in the band Flogging Molly) sounds incredible, channeling Robert Plant a bit.

Great stuff. “Fast” Eddie Clarke, R.I.P.  For more on Clarke check out this piece from Rock Cellar

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