Goals and Resolutions (Revised)

‘TIS THE SEASON for New Year’s resolutions, but let’s not mix-up resolutions for what are actually goals. To that end, what is a resolution, anyway? A resolution is “a firm decision to do or not to do something.” People mix up resolutions for actual goals – e.g., “I want to lose 10 lbs.” That’s actually a goal  – a goal being what “the end toward which effort is directed.”

So, what have I decided to actually try and accomplish for 2018? What have I decided to do, or not to do?

  • Stay away from social media – even at the expense of building traffic to the blog, the podcast
  • Volunteer/help at an organization, a food or homeless shelter
  • Workout more
  • To just do more, even if it’s by myself
  • Start a business
  • Apply to be a volunteer firefighter
  • Work harder towards my actual goals
  • Stay in touch with people more
  • Meet more people, somewhere, somehow
  • Explore new places and things

And, I’ve decided to work harder to achieve my goals, for starters. So, what are the actual goals?

  • Get in better shape – gain more muscle, widen my back and shoulders, build my biceps. I LOVE working out, why not do more of it?
  • Run at least a half-marathon…or two
  • Pay off credit cards I (never have more than a low four-figure amount of credit card debt but that’s still too much)
  • Paint my kitchen
  • Paint my house
  • Fall in love (what’s wrong with having this goal, besides it likely being impossible?)
  • Not let the madness that is our current political climate and president drive me crazy (what’s wrong with having this goal, besides it likely being impossible?)
  • Continue the Weapon of Self-Distraction podcast, learn more about the medium, improve my podcast, have guests


Happy 2018…




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