New Favorite Podcast: “Never Not Funny”

WE TAKE THIS BREAK FROM OUR DAILY HOLIDAY MUSIC POSTS to point out a favorite podcast, Never Not Funnycomedian Jimmy Pardo.

Never Not Funny is a weekly podcast hosted by comedian Jimmy Pardo, since spring 2006 and co-hosted by producer Matt Belknap. It’s a comedy-talk show with a wide and free-wheeling conversation between Pardo, Belknap and a weekly guest.  Each episode starts with the hosts bantering before bringing in the guest for the second-half. This annoyed me at first, but after several episodes I realized I dig the way they do that, it’s definitely different than most podcasts. It works because of the chemistry Pardo and Belknap have – both have great timing and are funny.  Topics discussed range from popular culture – music, movies, TV and more, to what’s going on with their personal lives, usually filled with amusing, if not definitely interesting, anecdotes.

My favorites, so far, include episodes featuring the Sklar Brothers and Jay Mohr; click here for the episode listings/blog.


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