23 Ways To Know You Are Watching a Coen Brothers Movie

From the author of the new book, “The Coen Brothers: The Iconic Filmmakers and their Work” comes this great guide on prevalent themes, motifs, etc., in Coen Brothers movies

Ian Nathan, Author

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 14.15.11.png

A new synopticon of Coen movie motifs

‘One thing you notice getting older,’ Joel once admitted, ‘is how often you repeat yourself.’ They might be personal tics, repeated themes, or simply part of their visual handwriting, but, consciously or not, a train of regular motifs has come to define Coenesque. Such that, commentator and friend William Preston Robertson outlined a ‘synopticon’ of six recurring Coen motifs in his informative guide The Making of The Big Lebowski. In turn, I give you 23 recurrent Coen motifs.

Fargo captionNarrators, Voiceovers, Captions, Opening Speeches and Pre-credits SequencesThe Coens think it important to define who is telling the story and how it is being told. To make sense of the style of film that follows. For instance Moses, the old clock-keeper in The Hudsucker Proxy; The Stranger, the incongruent cowboy in The Big Lebowski; and Michael Gambon’s unseen narrator in Hail…

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