You Know You’re Getting Older…

…when you’re asked by a twenty-something co-worker, “was Duran Duran really big back in the 80’s? Because they’ve been showing up on shuffle on Spotify, and…”

You see, there once was this TV channel called, “MTV” – a.k.a. “music television” and they played music videos nearly 24 hours a day! They helped put Duran Duran on the map, and to a degree, the band did the same for the fledgling music channel. And yes, Duran Duran was very influential, they looked like fashion models, played they’re own instruments, and wrote some pretty catchy songs. From about 1982-1988 or so they had a lot of hits.

Soundtrack for this post (“Hungry Like The Wolf” would be too obvious):


*for whatever it’s worth, I was never a huge DD fan (dig several songs, like the above track), but I loved, and still love, guitarist Andy Taylor’s solo album, ThunderWhich features Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols on several tracks!

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