Random Thoughts On A Wednesday…

NOTHING, absolutely nothing, can be done without endurance. Think about it.

MILES TELLER will win an Oscar someday. Book it. His new movie Thank You For Your Service looks great and he’s supposedly very good in it.  Really enjoyed his recent appearance on the Bill Simmons Podcast

IT’S taking a lot of willpower not to listen to the new Cheap Trick Christmas album right now! O.K., I listened to it once – it’s amazing, as you’d expect to hear from me, right?  That said, with all seriousness, when you hear Robin Zander sing “Silent Night” you’ll hear greatness.

A CHAIR, BALLOONS, AND HELIUM, and you can fly!  Not the first moron to try this, nor the last.

I WISH I WAS PAID MORE ATTENTION to the World Series, because it’s one of the greatest ever.

I LOVE SEASON TWO OF STRANGER THINGS – that’s partially why I haven’t watched the World Series. Set in the 80’s, its chock full o’ references and many tips of the that decade’s pop culture hat, and The AV Club posits a Rob Lowe and Kiefer Sutherland enigma and riddle in this terrific piece.

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