Song Spotlight: Five Kick-Ass Rock Songs for the Gym

FIVE SONGS THAT FUEL my workouts, especially when I lift. When I’m in the gym, I need big guitars, melodic, rousing choruses…to lift big, to get big, I need big music.

“Guilty” – All  A massive riff, a huge production that explodes in the head phones. Yet there’s a melodic chorus. Perfect for lifting heavy.

“Long Time Coming” – Cheap Trick  Of course!  Actually, there’s at least six CT songs on my little Sansa mp3 player at any given time. This rocker from their new album We’re All Alright is jam-packed with Rick Nielsen’s crazy guitar work and Robin Zander sounds amazing. The riff, the chorus – powerful and aggressive – just what I try for when I workout.

“Relentless” – David Lee Roth  One of my fave songs from DLR’s solo stuff. Kick-ass lyrics (“got a steel-toe boot that says “place butt here””), massive guitar from the amazing John 5, and Dave’s vocals are fantastic.  And the title is a reminder that I need that attitude in the gym (and in pursuing and enjoying life, every day).

“Broke N’ Brokenhearted” Def Leppard  For those who stupidly think that 1.) Def Leppard is some hair band and, 2.) haven’t done anything good since the 80’s, crank this up, then shut up. And lift.

“Last Time” – Zebra  One of my favorite bands that most haven’t heard of, these guys made a name for themselves out of Long Island in the 80’s having a big debut album, followed by fantastic additional albums that never sold as much as they deserved. As soon as that riff starts, I’m raring to go.

BUT WAIT, there’s usually a couple of rap songs on my mp3 player  – this track has been in recurrent rotation for years and never fails to lift me up:

Talib Kwali – “Get By”  I defy anyone to not get moving when they hear this song. It’s always good to hear this before any other song at the start of a workout.

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