If I Was A Bus Driver

MOST DAYS during the work week I take the bus to my full- time job, and every day I look forward to the ride and enjoy it. Some days I take a nap, many days I listen to a podcast, sometimes I write, and, though not nearly as much as I should, I read.

Just about every day, however, I wonder what it would be like to be a bus driver. I’ve daydreamed about this since I was a kid, actually. I loved to watch the driver drive – turning that big steering wheel, that massive expanse of windshield in front of him, the slight bounce in the seat. I still enjoy watching this, on the rare occasions I can sit up front.

All the commuter buses have a p.a. system for the driver to announce upcoming streets and stops. If I was a bus driver this is where I would really shine – my announcements would be fairly frequent, informative and fun:

Thank you for riding Metro Transit this morning. We’ll be departing for downtown shortly. Traffic is not too bad and our estimated cruising speed should be about 47 mph…”

“We know you have lots of transportation options and on behalf of Metro Transit I want to thank you for choosing us to take you where you nred to go.”

“In the rare event of an accident or an emergency each window on the bus is removable an instructions are located on the window sill.”

Seriously, wouldn’t that be cool to hear?

Maybe I would also on occasion give people updates on what’s happening outside the bus windows. After all, so many people rarely actually look out the windows – they’re buried in their phones and other digital devices (a lot of older adults are into various games) – or also reading.  So I would let people know various happenings:

Off to your right is the Walker Sculpture garden, newly remodeled, expanded and finished this year, featuring all new sculptures…

Next stop is Hennepin and 4th Street; please be careful of the light rail trains crossing and mindful of several people offering or consuming various illegal sundries

Of course, I wouldn’t let my ongoing, daily banter compromise my driving or the safety of my passengers.  I would also be the friendliest bus driver you’d find anywhere, especially on the morning commute.

Now I don’t think driving a bus has to be a dull occupation but no doubt there’s folks who assume it would be.  Of course, I’ve never thought that driving anything with an engine attached to it is boring. In any case, I’ve always believed that even the most seemingly mundane jobs can be a creative outlet and for, me driving a bus would be.

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