R.I.P., Tom Petty??

THE INITIAL REPORTS WERE WRONG?  The New York Times and other outlets are saying that the initial report from CBS News, apparently from an initial report from TMZ, were wrong?  “But about an hour after the CBS report went online, the Los Angeles Police Department said it could not confirm his death, setting off mass confusion on social media over Mr. Petty’s actual condition. Mr. Petty, 66, had been taken to a hospital after going into cardiac arrest at his home in California, TMZ reported. But while TMZ had also reported that the singer was unresponsive and had been taken off life support, it never reported that he was dead.”

WTF?  Please, please let the news be wrong and that Tom Petty is alive, and makes a full recovery.


GONE WAY TOO SOON.  It’s impossible not to delve in cliches.  Tom Petty has died.

I’ve always enjoyed Petty, and while I wouldn’t call myself a huge fan, I was a fan, and was always curious about his anything new he did and loved that he kept making new music. I’d be hard-pressed to find a song of his that I didn’t like. Just a huge mainstay in the American rock songbook – how many songs of his remain in constant rotation at rock radio? Are considered absolute classics?  Just start with “American Girl” and keep going.

One of my favorite Tom Petty songs, “The Last DJ”…


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